The weekend that was…

This weekend I…

…indulged in some quality ‘me-time’. I took a solo drive around the Peninsula (one of my favourite things to do) bright and early on Friday morning, then spent the afternoon at the Waterfront. I even went to the movies on my own; something I haven’t done in years. I snuck in a Steers burger, sat with my feet up and enjoyed every frivolous, self-indulgent second!

...actually sat down and watched a movie. Better yet, three movies! It may not seem like much, but I can be incredibly impatient at the best of times, so generally stick to watching series or shows that don’t require too much commitment. This weekend, I went to watch Young Adult (a brilliant, quirky film starring Charlize Theron) and I also managed to squeeze in the 8pm MNet movie, Water for Elephants, last night. This is so rare, I can’t remember the last time I actually sat down to watch the Sunday night movie!

…realised that Gwyneth Paltrow is so much more than just an actress. She is an incredibly talented cook (the majority of the meals I cook come from her book, Notes from My Kitchen Table), and she can sing! (The third movie I finally managed to watch this weekend was Country Strong – such an amazing film, with incredible performances from both Gwyneth and Leighton Meester).

...successfully managed to buy winter basics – all while sticking to my budget. My purchases actually came to well-below my budget; I may just be able to afford that gorgeous (and completely unnecessary) handbag, too!

…realised that household chores are so much more fun to do when you do them with your partner. S and I are not particularly good housekeepers. We like living in beautiful, clean surroundings, but will come up with any number of things to do, other than actually get round to vacuuming. But last night I realised that the mammoth pile of laundry is so much more doable when you tackle it together – I put in a load and S hung up a load, while I folded another. Simple!

ditched the cosy comforts of home in favour of live music. I have been itching to see Closet Snare live since S first told me about them when we first started dating. Best described as an experimental group, Closet Snare comprises some of the country’s best musicians (well, I think so, anyway – they’re technically faultless), and makes use of amazing visual displays, courtesy of VJ Grrrl, for a fully-integrated, interactive live music experience. They don’t gig very often, so if you hear of an upcoming show, do yourself a favour and go!

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