Yes, we’re having a baby!

It’s so good to have shared our exciting baby news with the world, finally! We didn’t want to jinx things so decided to keep the news to ourselves until we’d reached the second trimester and although I can hardly believe it, here we are! 18 weeks already. Wow, time flies; It’s scary to think that I’m almost halfway there! Since I’ve kept you all in the dark for the past few weeks, I thought I’d backtrack and share some of my experiences of being pregnant with those who are interested. If you aren’t even remotely interested, my apologies – this blog is about to get pretty baby bump-related. You’re only pregnant for nine months, after all! I will be doing all my regular posts (more Wednesday Words and On My Nightstand posts coming up soon), as well as a few home decor, beauty and fashion related posts. But, along with those, I’ll be doing plenty of pregnancy-related posts, too.

Oh, and there’ll be wedding posts, too. Yes, we’re still planning on tying the knot on the 16th of December – only now, my wedding dress requirements have changed somewhat, since I’ll be about seven months pregnant by then! I’ll also have to wait for another two or three months after the wedding before being able to enjoy that wedding bubbly. Sigh. But back to the beginning…

I discovered I was pregnant after buying a pregnancy test on a whim after going to watch Salmon Fishing in the Yemen with a friend. I wasn’t expecting a positive result at all, but thought it best to try a test just in case, especially since I had just spent the past two hours bawling my eyes out. Yes, Salmon Fishing is sad in parts but honestly. Constant tears throughout the movie? Something’s fishy, if you ask me… (pardon the pun!) Not to mention painfully tender boobs and having to get up at 3am every morning to go to the bathroom!

No one prepares you for how you’ll feel when you first see that little line appear, regardless of how much you want this baby. I was in absolute shock and thought the light was playing tricks on me. My poor fiance wasn’t aware of the what was going on in the bathroom upstairs, so when I appeared beside the couch, looking pale and clutching a pregnancy test, I can only imagine what was going through his mind!

As luck would have it, we were off to Johannesburg to visit my family just the following morning, which presented us with the perfect opportunity to share our news with my parents and brothers. My mom and dad were absolutely thrilled, while my oldest brother started crying when I told him the news (happy tears, of course). My middle brother didn’t believe me, and my twin brothers were incredibly excited, although a bit put off at the thought of being uncles at the tender age of 10! They’ve more than adjusted to the idea now and insist on buying babygros and toys whenever they’re near a baby shop. So adorable!

We’ve had a good few weeks to adjust to the idea and I’m finally starting to feel pregnant. As you’ll see from the photograph I posted yesterday (which was taken a couple of weeks ago), I had very few outward signs of pregnancy – up until now, that is. My tummy seems to have appeared practically overnight (more baby bump pics to follow) and I’ve already started to feel some movement – so incredibly exciting!

It feels good to have finally shared the news with everyone – now I can finally ask all the ridiculous questions I’ve been wondering about, like “is it normal to feel aches in your tummy?”, “will live music damage baby’s ears?”, “how much water should I be drinking?” and “just how big are my boobs going to get?!”

image: Pinterest