Just a few things I’ve seen, read and loved lately…


I read this lovely letter for the first time when I was about 36 weeks pregnant, and I remember sobbing my heart out in anticipation for the big day. I’ve read it several times since giving birth to Bean and now I can honestly say, I really get it.

“It’s a feeling of pure joy and absolute terror. You won’t know what to do with it, but you’ll accept it without thinking because that’s what mom’s do. They enter into survival mode the second the baby is born, because otherwise they will most certainly die.”

I’ve experienced these exact emotions countless times over the past week, and I’ve been in tears over these emotions countless times, too. This is my experience of motherhood so far in a nutshell.


Although Bean’s bedroom is pretty much done, we’re still on the look out for the perfect rug and night light. I recently saw this cutie from Heart and Home in GoodHousekeeping and fell head over heels. MUST have!


I’ve had a bob for years now and I have no intention of changing that. I’ve worn my hair in every imaginable way: long with highlights, a medium-length blonde style (yes, blonde. It was hideous. Never again!), fire-engine red, a jet black rock chick style… until I landed with my current deep brown bob with a fringe. I’ve had different variations of the bob and have worn it shorter, longer, asymmetrical… and I’m constantly on the look out for new ways to adapt my style. I think I may have found my next variation: ladies and gentleman, I present to you ‘The Karlie’. I love the softness of the style and the fact that it embraces your hair’s natural wave. Now that I’m a mom, I simply don’t have the time to flat iron my hair every day so this looks right up my alley.