Things that make me sparkle

There’s something so wonderfully indulgent about spritzing on a favourite scent as the final touch to an outfit every day. There are few things as evocative as our sense of smell; just one whiff of your grandmother’s perfume is enough to take you back to your childhood days. I have a vast collection of fragrances and each one is linked to a specific memory or a particular time in my life, making each and every fragrance I own special in its own way. Prada Infusion De Tuberose will forever remind me of the Spring after an ex and I broke up: I felt wonderfully free and as though the world was full of possibility. It was also during this time that my husband and I started dating. I treasure this scent because of these feelings; even more so because it was a limited edition and one that I won’t easily get my hands on ever again. I wore Tom Ford Violet Blonde on the day my husband proposed to me, and Thierry Mugler Angel will forever remind me of the day I said ‘I do’. What are some of your favourite fragrances and the memories attached to them?