We Tried It & We [Heart] It: Naturals Beauty RR Range

For the first eight weeks of his life, Bean absolutely detested bathing. He screamed for the duration of bath time every night, making it the most anxiety-riddled part of my day. But at around two months old, something changed and Bean suddenly seemed to really enjoy bath time and now, almost five months on, it’s become our favourite time of the day.
As a beauty editor, I’m very aware of what products I use and which ingredients I apply to my son’s sensitive skin, which is why I was so thrilled to receive the gentle, free-from-nasties RR range from Naturals Beauty a couple of months ago.

This paraben-free, sulphate-free, soap-free and allergen-free baby range was created by Tanya du Bois, the founder of Naturals Beauty, for her two children, Ruben and Rebekah (hence the ‘RR’ range) who both have very sensitive skins. The minute I found out that this range was created by a mom for her own children, I was sold. As mothers, we all want what’s best for our children, so if Tanya put all this effort into developing a range of products gentle enough to use on her own children, I knew that the range could be trusted.

As someone who’s a bit obsessed with aesthetics and loves nothing more than a beautifully packaged product, I was smitten with the gorgeous labels from the get-go. It’s not often that you manage to find an effective ‘natural’ product that looks good, too. (The illustrations are by Cape Town based illustrator, Lauren Fowler.) The handy pump bottles also make bath time a breeze – no fiddling with caps and lids while trying to balance a slippery, wriggly baby in one hand! Something else that I found (pleasantly) surprising was the amazing, delicate scent of these products – I’ve always opted for more natural, paraben-free products to use on Bean’s skin and, more often than not, these have a strong, herbal-y scent or are devoid of any scent at all (a good thing, I suppose, but I can’t help myself. I like sweet smelling products!)

But what impressed me most was the sheer luxuriousness of these gorgeous products. Each product has such a lovely texture and leaves Bean’s skin feeling so soft and smooth; I’m a big, big fan of this range and have already ordered my next set from Hello Pretty, where the entire set of three products is on sale for just R200.

The range consists of three products (click on the links to shop these products):

I am a big fan of milky washes and cleansers, particularly during the cooler months when skin is prone to dryness. And given it’s creamy, moisturising nature, I found that this wash was particularly useful during the earlier months of Bean’s life (when he loathed bath time), as I could wash and go without having to apply lotion every evening. Believe me, when your baby cries non-stop throughout his bath, you want to get it over and done with as quickly as possible. If that means skipping a step, you’ll gladly do it – and opting for a nourishing body wash is a lifesaver for those days when applying lotion to your baby’s skin is one step too much. What’s more, this gentle milk wash smells absolutely fantastic and is safe to use on your baby’s body and face.
This is my favourite product within the range. I absolutely love products that have more than one use, so the fact that this wash can be used to gently cleanse both body and hair makes it a winner in my book. I adore the smell (it contains Bergamot and Chamomile Oil – also known for it’s soothing, anti-inflammatory properties) and the silky texture makes it an absolute pleasure to use. I’ve even been known to use this wash on myself – what better way to know for a fact that what you’re using on your baby really works, right?
This nourishing, yet easily absorbed lotion also contains gentle Chamomile Oil to soothe your baby’s delicate skin (and leave a soft scent lingering on your baby’s skin), while jojoba seed oil and shea butter prevent dryness. It’s allergen-, paraben-, petroleum- and phthalate-free, and contains no artificial colourants or fragrances so it’s suitable for even the most sensitive skins. I love that it isn’t sticky and is absorbed into Bean’s skin almost instantly, and it’s gentle, soothing scent means that Bean has that delicious ‘baby smell’ after every bath time. I’m convinced that the Chamomile Oil also aids sleep – Bean seems to sleep much better after using this lotion!
I’ve been fortunate enough to try several baby ranges since Bean’s birth and I must confess: this is one of my favourite ranges out of the lot. I’m so glad that I met Tanya through Twitter and was introduced to these products – they’re a firm favourite for Bean’s bath time and they definitely get our seal of approval!
* These products were sent to me to 
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