What is beauty?


I’ve been mulling over this question for the past couple of weeks because – let’s face it – it’s my job, but I have recently been asked to do a VERY BIG presentation in front of a VERY BIG audience on this very topic. When I started planning my presentation, I realised that I wanted to give my audience something valuable; I want them to walk away afterwards feeling good about themselves and feeling as though they have learnt something new.

 My industry and my career are so often dismissed as superficial and unimportant, but what many people fail to realise is that a woman’s sense of identity and her sense of self worth is very closely tied to how beautiful she feels. Yes, writing articles about ‘how to find your perfect red lipstick’ may seem like a pretty shallow way to earn a living, and it’s very easy to get caught up in the glamorous bits of my job, but when it comes down to it, I constantly have to remind myself that I have a huge responsibility to other women out there. It’s my responsibility to inform and to speak the truth, but it is also my responsibility to remind other women that they are so much more than their outward appearance. While doing my research and trying to come up with interesting and new ways to approach the topic of beauty, I came across an insightful talk done by Cameron Russell, which you can watch below.