Christmas Gift Guide: For Littlies

Christmas Gift Guide: For Littlies


Happy (almost) holidays, everyone! With exactly one month to go till Christmas, I thought I’d put together a little round up of items that I’ve been adding to my Christmas wish lists, starting with a gift guide for the littlies in your life…

Whenever picking out a gift for little people, I try to choose something that’s either useful (think bath products or clothing) or fun, educational toys that will keep them busy while teaching them a thing or two. I also find that books and DVDs are sure-fire winners, especially for toddlers and pre-schoolers. I secretly love it when people give Bean DVDs as gifts, as it guarantees a little lie-in for me while he watches a movie on a Saturday morning (though you may want to check the parents’ in question’s policy on watching TV – I know many parents aren’t a fan). Here are a few ideas to help make your life a little easier this festive season:




1. Purple Shweshwe Rhino Toy, R130, by Mathilde & Co available at Utique

This little guy is perfect for babies from 4 months old: it’s the perfect size for baby to grasp onto, and babies love the funky fabric and textured ribbons. They can even chew on Rhino’s head and horn to soothe itchy gums. Made using 100% cotton Shweshwe fabric, this little Rhino with a distinctly South African feel is the perfect gift for the offspring of friends or family that live abroad.

2. Naturals Beauty RR Kids Range Bath & Body Set, R230, Naturals Beauty

Bath and body care products are always welcome! I’ve been using Naturals Beauty RR Kids Range Kids Conditioner on Beanie’s hair for about a month now, and I love it! It contains chamomile and calendula to soothe the scalp, while jojoba oil conditions Bean’s little mop of hair. It can be rinsed out or used as a leave-in conditioner – personally, I prefer the latter simply because it means that there’s no need to try and rinse Bean’s hair twice! This adorable reusable hemp gift bag also contains a gentle shampoo and a skin-friendly bubble bath.

3. AniSnap Watch, R295, available at FancyPants Products

Perfect for older children, this ‘fancy’ AniSnap watch makes learning to tell the time fun! I love that you can ‘snap’ these on to fit any wrist size and the fact that they’re analogue makes it that much easier to teach your kiddie to tell the time. Available in various fun designs, including an adorable panda and turtle, I must confess that the little penguin is my favourite!

4. My Espresso Machine, R480, My Friend Lily

How cute is this wooden espresso machine?! Beanie’s already well aware of the fact that Mama prefers coffee over tea, and often brings me cups of pretend coffee to down while I type away at my laptop, so perhaps I should invest in this charming set – complete with a wooden cup, wooden spoon and wooden capsules (cuuuuute!) – for my little budding barista? Beyond sweet!

5. Cachatou Maggy Shape Sorter, R420, My Friend Lily

When in doubt, brightly coloured shape sorters are always a good idea! Six chunky shapes that are perfect for little hands can be popped in along Maggy the cow’s back and sides, and can easily be removed by lifting the lid on her back. This hardy wooden shape sorter is set to be a classic and will last you a lifetime.

6. Mint Owl Diaper Cover Set, R240, by Pickalilly at Spree

 If something features an owl, you can bet I’ll be adding it to my shopping cart! Bean is far too old for this little diaper cover set (never mind the fact that it just ‘feels’ a tad girlie?), but I think any new mama would be happy to have this in her littlie’s wardrobe!

7. Love Life Ring Poster, R180 by Julie Kins at Utique

I’ve long been a fan of Julie Kins’ work and I’ve lusted after her beautiful posters ever since I found out that I was pregnant. I’m slowly, but surely, starting to sort out Beanie’s own bedroom (his little toddler bed is still in our bedroom for the time being) and I think this A3 poster would be a good place to start in terms of wall art.

8. Designer Fox Onesie, R150, by Little Schatzi at Utique

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe that there’s a mama alive that wouldn’t be thrilled to receive this gorgeous little onesie for her littlie. Locally illustrated and produced, the bright, fiery little fox pops against pure white 100% cotton and is ideal for the discerning mum who wants to dress her baby in something other than the usual, run-of-the-mill offerings.

9. Oh-Lief Baby Box, R220, Oh-Lief Natural Products

This beautifully packaged box set is the perfect gift for new or expectant moms. It contains a full-sized tub of Oh-Lief’s best-selling Natural Olive Bum Balm (the only bum balm I trust enough to use on Beanie – and my lips, cuticles, knees, elbows, feet…. it’s miraculous!), plus a handy travel-sized All-In-One Hair & Body Wash and Aqueous Cream. It also contains sample sizes of the Natural Olive Tummy Wax (great to use as a soothing, healing nipple balm once baby is born), Natural Olive Baby Wax and Natural Olive Insect Balm, which are perfect for first time users who’d like to try before they buy (and are equally great to pop into your nappy bag). Each box also comes with a tree certificate from Green Pop.

10. Friendly Bathroom Squirters, R180 for set of 7 (or R30 each), My Friend Lily

Bath time toys are always a hit and I know that Beanie would absolutely adore these bright and colourful animal squirters!

Happy shopping, everyone!