2015. I don’t even know where to begin this post. How do you sum up an entire year in the space of a few lines? So much has happened this past year – and so much hasn’t – and I’m finding it difficult to think back to all the events and things I’ve learnt throughout 2015. A lot can happen within the space of a year.

2015 has been a hard year for me, in so many ways. From learning to cope with and live with anxiety and depression, trying to overcome certain beliefs and past issues, going through some difficult patches in my marriage, trying to find balance as a working mom, learning some difficult business lessons… it’s been a rough year. While sitting on my bed with a blank post staring back at me earlier this morning, trying to make sense of all that’s happened and trying to find the words to adequately describe the lessons learnt, Beanie padded through to our bedroom, hopped onto the bed, and lay his head down on my lap, staring at me with his beautiful, deep brown eyes. And it just hit me: all that truly matters is that my family and I made it through this year relatively unscathed; we’re happy, we’re healthy, and we’re still here – and that’s all that matters.

It’s so easy to sit down at this time of the year and write a long list of all the things I’d like to accomplish (or all the habits I’ll break in the name of self improvement), but in 2016, I’m going to keep things relatively simple: Be happy. Be thankful. Travel. Love. Go easy on myself.


And that’s my wish for you, too – I hope that every single person reading this post finds happiness and gratitude in 2016, and that you’ll give yourself grace and allow yourself the opportunity to make mistakes – and then forgive yourself, too. 2015 taught me that life is harrrrd, but it also taught me that I miss the girl I used to be – the one who looked at the world and saw only magic, who felt joy in the simplest things, and who felt optimistic about the future. I hope that I can find that girl once more during 2016 – I want to be reminded that the world truly is a magical place, and I want to wake up feeling happy and excited at the prospect of what the day holds. I have so much to be thankful for, after all. So much. 

I’m going to leave you with a few of my favourite posts from 2015 – enjoy!

January | So many highlights from January 2015! I posted every single day this month, which was quite something. I completed my 31 days to a calm, clutter-free home challenge (look out for something similar this coming January 2016), so there’s a lot of reading material. By far my favourite post of the entire month was this outfit post, featuring my favourite LBD. It was such a fun day, and my bestie, Cathi, took the photographs for this post.

February | It was in February that my love affair with the word ‘busy’ finally ended. I’ve been working hard on finding balance ever since. I need to read and reread this post on stealing me-time several times going forward…

March | I had so much fun putting together this fun little post sharing both my own and Bean’s favourites for the month… I think I need to do more of these in the new year, what do you think?

April | Yay for date night! One of my goals for the new year? Monthly date nights, please! (My post on becoming a vegetarian is another one of my favourite posts – you can read it here, if you like).

May | Want to know a bit more about me? In this post, I answer 40 beauty-related questions.

June | What it’s like to breastfeed a two year old.

July | I felt I needed a bit of a change, so I changed my hair rather drastically – have a look at my (not-so-new) hair, here.  I also did a round up of my favourite cruelty-free facial scrubs.

August | I discovered this amazing product in August, and I’ve been obsessed ever since. I also had loads of fun shooting this outfit post at Cape Point (yep, it’s another LDB, in case you were wondering…)

September | Another fun outfit post, this time featuring a matching ‘mama and me’ outfit. Love it!  I also really enjoyed putting together my list of the best South African beauty brands (which is due for an update, I think!)

October |  One of my highlights of 2015 was having the opportunity to go on the Earth Abundance retreat at The Hydro in Stellenbosch. I learnt so much about myself, and even had the opportunity to try colon therapy, which isn’t half as gross as it sounds and comes highly recommended by me – read more about my experience, here.

November | I discovered this little beauty trick and my skin has been completely transformed ever since.

December | My tried-and-tested mama shortcuts make life a whole lot easier for me… try them, maybe they work for you, too?

Here’s to another year of happy blogging and learning and documenting life as I go… thank YOU so much for all your support and for taking the time to read my musings and reviews, and for every little comment you’ve left along the way. My blog is by far one of my favourite hobbies, and I’m so grateful to every single one of you for taking an interest in my writing. It really means the world to me. Here’s to a happy, healthy and safe start to 2016, for us all! xxx