Nivea Pampering Oil Shower Oil: The best body wash in the world!

Nivea Pampering Oil Shower Oil: The best body wash in the world!

So, I think I may have a *teensy* problem. I am completely, totally and utterly, hopelessly addicted to a body wash. It’s not healthy. My obsessive devotion to Nivea Pampering Oil Shower Oil has gotten so out of hand that The Husband has questioned whether I might have a deficiency of some kind.

Now, in an effort to be 100% open and honest, I’m going to state upfront that Nivea has never sent me this product to try or review, and they haven’t paid me to write this ridiculously over-the-top ode to a simple body wash. I simply found myself standing in the bath and body care aisle at Pick ‘n Pay one afternoon, bored with the body wash currently residing in my shower and tempted to treat myself to something new. I recalled trying Nivea Pampering Oil Shower Oil years ago when it was first launched, and remembered how much I loved it back then, so promptly popped a bottle in my trolley.

That was back in January, and I’ve gone through about six or seven bottles of the stuff since… and that is not an exaggeration. I don’t know what it is about this glorious body wash, but the scent just does it for me. I’ve often found myself grabbing the bottle out of the shopping bag so that I could give it a sneaky sniff (or six) in the car on the way home (this may be the reason why The Husband fears for my sanity), and I engage The Husband in a lengthy run-down of just how much I love the scent of this shower oil… every. single. night. No lies.

nivea pampering oil

I love it. There’s nothing more I can say on the subject. I don’t know why, but I’m a tad suspicious that there may be some addictive substances lurking in my favourite body wash, if I’m honest. I find such pleasure in using this body wash that I decided that a blog post singing it’s praises was definitely in order… I’m always interested to see which beauty products people use and buy over and over again, and after roughly seven bottles of this shower oil, I think it definitely deserves a mention.

I’d even go as far as to say that this is my holy grail body wash. Apart from the luxurious scent, this pampering body wash contains 55% natural caring oils, which probably explains why the Nivea Pampering Oil Shower Oil doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry, as most other body washes found in your local grocery store usually do. Its luxurious, silky texture turns into a soft foam upon contact with water, and a little goes a long way… I just prefer to use a lot at any given time, to ensure that the scent sticks around on my skin (and in my en-suite bathroom – and therefore bedroom) for hours after use.

I love this body wash so much that I’ve started buying two bottles at a time, particularly after I found myself in a mild panic after I managed to run out of my favourite body wash in the world and had to resort to using something else instead. I know this blog post comes across as all gushy (because it is!), but after finding it very difficult to use any other body wash for the past three or four months – and choosing to spend roughly R43 on a body wash, as opposed to using the products I’ve been sent for review purposes – I thought that this little bottle was well worth sharing with you all. Use it, don’t use it… it’s up to you (but, if you do happen to try the Nivea Pampering Oil Shower Oil and you have the same reaction as I do, please do let me know – I’m dying to know whether it’s the magical powers of this body wash, or whether it’s actually just me… and I have a deficiency after all!)