One for your mum! L’Oreal’s Age Perfect Golden Age range

One for your mum! L’Oreal’s Age Perfect Golden Age range

While scrolling through Twitter earlier today (as one does), I came across a poll asking what the perfect Mother’s Day gift is. The options included fragrance, makeup, haircare, and skincare. My vote? Skincare, of course!

As someone who’s never been 100% happy with the state of my skin, I know all too well just what kind of impact a great lineup of skincare products can have on your confidence – not to mention the fact that there’s something truly indulgent about treating your skin at the end of a long day. To me, there’s nothing better than cleansing my skin and applying a rich, nourishing moisturiser… I’ve never gone to bed with my makeup on – regardless of how tired I am – because I typically end up washing my face the minute I finish cooking dinner. Makeup off, moisturiser on, shoes off, feet up… that’s how I like to roll after Beanie’s bedtime!

If there’s one thing I like to splurge on, it’s great quality skincare that really does the job… but sadly, there isn’t always enough buck in my budget to treat myself to the good stuff. I know that there are loads of people in the same boat at the moment, and that’s where this giveaway comes in… it’s a chance to spoil yourself or your mom to a hamper packed with some truly indulgent skincare products courtesy of L’Oreal Paris.

l'oreal age perfect

l'oreal age perfect

The L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Golden Age range is enriched with Peony Polyphenols to help restore dull, ageing skin to it’s former rosy, plumped up glory. The range was designed specifically for very mature skins, with women over the age of 60 in mind – but I’ve been playing around with a couple of products and I’m a tad envious that I can’t use them every day! (I tried… but they’re a bit too rich for my combination skin!) That said, I’ve been using the luxurious L’Oreal Age Perfect Cleansing Wipes (R80) to remove my makeup at the end of every day, and I’m really enjoying using them. They feel much softer and more pampering than other facial wipes I’ve tried, and I’ll admit that the ‘anti-fatigue’ claim on the packet has me hooked! They remove makeup quickly and easily with just a couple of swipes, and they leave my skin feeling beautifully soft and moisturised.

l'oreal age perfect

l'oreal age perfect

It’s my opinion that a skincare range is only as good as it’s serum, and if the L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Golden Age Glow-Reactivating Essence (R250) is anything to go by, this entire range is a sure-fire winner. I tried the Glow Reactivating Essence after cleansing (but before moisturising) for a few nights to experience it for myself, and I really enjoyed the silky texture – it wasn’t too watery or overly oily, and left my skin feeling moisturised and plumped up. I absolutely adore the delicate rose scent – it isn’t too overpowering, but it really adds to the overall sensorial experience. The formula actually contains Rosy Micro-Pearls to re-plump your skin and to give tired, lacklustre skin a healthy, rosy glow. (I also noticed teeny-tiny shimmery particles that help to boost radiance, but don’t worry – you won’t be left with glittery particles on your face!)

l'oreal age perfect

l'oreal age perfect

But if you think that the serum sounds wonderful, wait until you try the L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Golden Age Rosy Re-Fortifying Day Cream (R250)! I was instantly smitten with the gorgeous, rosy hue and the thick, nourishing texture. And the scent! Absolutely divine. The Rosy Re-Fortifying Day Cream is enriched with Imperial Peony extract and iris flower to help rehydrate your skin, while helping to restore your skin’s natural colour. The rosy hue of the cream actually helps to enhance your skin’s rosiness, and I found that I didn’t even need to wear my usual BB cream after using this moisturiser – my skin looked a whole lot more ‘alive’ after application, if that makes any sense? The cream also contains Neo-Calcium to help restore your skin’s density for plumper, ‘re-cushioned’ skin.

If you’d prefer a a Day Cream that contains UV filters, choose the L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Golden Age Rich Re-Fortifying Cream SPF15 (R250). Like the Rosy Re-Fortifying Day Cream, the Rich Re-Fortifying Cream SPF15 contains Neo-Calcium for a plumped up, re-cushioned effect, but it also contains UVA and UVB sun protection to protect your skin against the negative effects of UV rays, which are often the leading cause of ageing.

To end your skincare routine in the evenings, try L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Golden Age Rich Re-Fortifying  Night Cream (R250), which helps to encourage the nocturnal repair of your skin’s barrier function. The magical, anti-sagging and re-cushioning effects are, once again, down to the Neo-Calcium contained in the formula. The night cream is also enriched with emollient oils to helps nourish and protect your skin, while helping to restore the surface of your skin’s barrier at the same time. It’s a little thicker and richer than the day creams, but it’s just what a thirsty skin needs!

l'oreal age perfect

l'oreal age perfect

l'oreal age perfect

I’m giving away a gorgeous hamper packed with all of these products from the L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Golden Age range in honour of Mother’s Day coming up on Sunday. The range is perfect for those with more mature skin types, and is ideal for anyone over the age of 60. Why not enter to win this special gift for your mom, your mother-in-law, or someone equally special who could do with a little spot of pampering? I (very hesitantly) shared this range with my mother-in-law… I found it really hard to part with the rosy day cream and those gorgeous wipes (they are so good!), but I know that she’s loving the products and appreciating them a whole lot more than I ever could! Are you keen to do the same and spread a little love this Mother’s Day?

All you have to do is leave a comment below letting me know what you plan on doing with this L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Golden Age hamper… whether you’ll be keeping it for yourself (hey, we all deserve a pamper!) or passing it along to someone else, I want to know! Tell me who and why… aaand go! 

Entries close on Friday, 12 May 2017, and I’ll be announcing the winner right here on Mother’s Day!

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  • Riette

    I absolutely believe in sharing so half for me and half for my mother!

  • Siobhan Hughes

    I’d totally share this gorgeous hamper with my Mum – there are certain products she’d love that I wouldn’t and vice versa, so we can try them and then swop to see which ones work best for us… We both love to try new beauty products!

  • I’d give it to my mom, she spends her moola on cheaper anti-aging products that are not working so I have to give her this! 🙂

  • Jess

    My mom is no longer here 🙁 so I would share it between my friend who is a mama and her sister who is like a mama to me <3 and I would grab the cleansing wipes for myself because I get lazy in winter to wash my face

  • bilqees bano

    I want to give this to my elder sis <3

  • Ria

    I will share it with my older suster, we are both mothers that also deserve a treat for a change, WOW!!!

  • Pj

    I’ll will definitely give it to my mom. She has made so much sacrifices for me and deserves only the best! 🙂

  • Janel Sunderlall

    I would definitely gift this win to my mum. She really deserves to be pampered 💜

  • Shante

    With my mum being all the way in the UK (totally sad I know) I’m going to be pampering myself. I believe in starting with age-defying skincare form early on, you can never be too careful surely? Plus, with a willful toddler, mama’s gonna need something to keep the lines away!

  • Carolyn Augustus

    As a hard working mom, I think,I’ll keep it all to myself 🙂

  • Liesl

    I’d give this to my mom. She loves L’Oreal products and I know she will feel so spoiled to receive this hamper.

  • Kate Morrison

    I’d give it to my mom-in-law. She’s spent her life as a mom with 3 boys in the house (so never had a very girlie mother’s day) and we’ve just found out that her cancer is in remission!

  • Megan Hartwig

    My Mom, Anna deserves this because she does soooo much for me, my daughter and all who she comes in contact with.

  • Dani Van Zyl

    As much as I would like to keep this for myself, I would gladly give this to my mom instead. She has been using L’Oreal since I was a little girl and now that she is much older this would just be perfect and have a better purpose! After all, I am part of the reason she might have gained a few wrinkles over the years 🙂

  • Ayesha

    Me……yes it’s selfish but as a mom sometimes we deserve to put ourselves first;) in the last year with ‘life ‘ happening I’ve neglected my skincare routine. This would be great to pick up where I left off.


    I will gift it to my mom because it’s Mothers day soon and her birthday was on the 7th.

  • Carryn Williamson Paikin

    I would give this fabulous L’Oreal Age Perfect Golden Age hamper to my wonderful Mom who is a 60-something Glam Gran because she deserves pampering with the finest quality skin products!

  • Bianca Balutto

    I would give it to my mum she loves L’oreal skincare products and i know she would love this. For that she does for me this would be a little thank you.

  • Tracy Jacobs

    I will keep one item for myself as it’s perfect for my more mature skin and the rest to my older sister 💕

  • Leanne Cherry

    I would give this gift hamper to my mom, she’s a huge fan of Lóreal and has only ever used Lóreal products and swears by them. My mom and dad have recently retired and are moving at the end of this month to the Eastern Cape so there won’t be any more ” popping in” visits to my parents. She has done a lot for me and as she enters this new chapter in life this would be a great token of appreciation to say thank you to her for everything.

  • Meghan Cher September

    I would pass to my Mom because she always deserves a spoil.

  • RehanaSeedat.5

    I would forward this hamper to my mum. My reasons: My MUM is ONE in a MILLION, She is the most
    loving, warm, compassionate, caring & selfless person I have ever known.
    She is the one woman who is the embodiment of happiness amidst all
    circumstances, unconditional virtuosity and generosity of spirit. She is a
    great mother, an irreplaceable friend and a remarkable human being. My Mother,
    has been the most amazing role model to me; she has never steered me in the
    wrong direction, she allowed me to make my own mistakes without so much as an
    “I told you so.” She afforded me the space to grow and learn for myself without
    ever being so far away that she weren’t able to help when I needed her. She is
    my mom, my mentor, my strength, my number one fan and, most of all, my best
    friend. She has always been a constant force in an ever-changing life. No
    matter the trials she faced in your own life, she always found the means to
    ensure my needs were met. To this day I cannot begin to imagine how she did it.
    Despite all her heartaches, worries and troubles, she never lost her kind
    nature, she never surrendered her tenderness or sacrificed her values. When my
    heart aches, she know exactly what to say to pick me up and bring me back to
    myself. Whenever I have felt like our world is caving in, and that I am falling
    apart, it is her strength and love that have kept me going.I will always
    cherish the morning teatimes we spend together; the time we are able to relax
    into one another, to chat and catch up on all the goings on in our lives. I
    know that through her love, wisdom and friendship she has given me the ability
    to love unconditionally, to cherish every living creature and to treat them
    with the utmost respect and kindness. If I am able to grow to be half the woman
    that I see in her, I will consider my life a success.I can say, with certainty,
    that without her by my side, I would not be the woman I am today. Everything I
    have achieved, I owe to her. She is my pillar of strength and my most trusted
    friend. . From her, I learned everything that I needed to survive in this
    challenging world. Mum taught me the real meaning of love (outside of emotions
    and beyond words) forgiveness, patience and grace. My mum deserves a spoil for
    her Selflessness, ongoing Love and dedication to her family & sacrifices
    she has made for us over the years. MY EMAIL:

  • Thea Kleynhaus Lennox

    My mom passed away but she was a wonderful mom. I am a mom myself and would love to keep it for getting rid of all those wrinkles that is slipping in. I was placed on earth to be the mom for my son. Love him forever