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Does the Pond’s Pimple Clear range REALLY work in just 3 days? [GIVEAWAY]

Pimples are like the worst kind of house guests: they usually arrive unannounced, they tend to overstay their welcome, and they leave a huge mess once they’ve (finally!) left.

I’ve written about my struggles with breakouts and blemishes before (here, here, and here) – I have a combination skin type that’s prone to inflammation and breakouts, and I tend to get quite a few spots around that time of the month. I’ve spent years in search of a miraculous product that could sort out my skincare woes, and I think I’ve finally found something that actually does what it promises. I first tried the new Pond’s Pimple Clear range after I attended the launch in Johannesburg a couple of months ago, and I was really impressed with the results. The range is said to work in just three days, and I found that there was a remarkable difference in the appearance of my spots and blemishes during that time frame (scroll down for before and after photos.)

Pond's Pimple Clear

Pond's Pimple Clear

I usually start using the Pond’s Pimple Clear Face Wash a few days before my period begins, and I continue using it for a couple of days afterwards. I’m experiencing fewer pimples as a result, and it really helps to shorten the lifespan of the spots that do show up. I find that it thoroughly cleanses my skin, removing every last trace of makeup and the day’s impurities, without leaving my skin feeling dry or tight like so many other face washes for oily skins do. I also really love that this product is incredibly budget-friendly – it retails at roughly R53 for a 100ml tube, and R35 for a 50ml tube.

Pond's Pimple Clear

It’s recommend that you follow up by applying the Pond’s Pimple Clear Leave-On Expert Clearing Gel (R45 for 20ml) to your entire face after cleansing – both morning and night. I was worried about using this all over my face, as most targeted products are best applied to affected areas only and tend to dry out your skin otherwise, but I was pleasantly surprised – this didn’t strip my skin or leave it feeling dry or tight at all!

Both products contain clinically proven Lock + Clear technology and Active Thymo-T Essence, a unique anti-pimple combination that’s formulated with thyme and pine oils. I was quite intrigued when I spotted that the products contain thyme – I love it in my food, but on my skin? Upon further research, I discovered that thyme boasts astringent, anti-microbial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties, and independent studies have found that a solution of just 0.25% thyme oil destroys p.acnes, a specific kind of bacteria known to cause breakouts, in just five minutes.

I also read up on pine essential oil and discovered that it’s renowned for it’s ability to reduce inflammation and redness, and that many dermatologists often prescribe the oil to help treat pimples and other skin concerns. With these two ingredients forming the basis of the Pond’s Pimple Clear range, I really wasn’t surprised to learn that clinical trials conducted by The POND’s Institute showed a significant reduction in pimples after using the new POND’s Pimple Clear range for just three days. As I mentioned, I tried it, and I have the photographs to prove it:

Pond's Pimple Clear

Although my skin didn’t clear up completely after three days use, the products really helped to reduce congestion on my nose and chin, and the two angry, red spots on my chin on day one have cleared up considerably by day three. I also noticed a reduction in the redness and inflammation on my skin – this is very evident in the photographs above. Within a week, my skin had cleared up completely, with not a spot in sight.

Pond's Pimple Clear

WIN a Pond’s Pimple Clear hamper!

I’ve loved using the new Pond’s Pimple Clear range, and the duo has become a permanent fixture in my beauty routine – especially at that time of the month, when hormonal breakouts are to be expected. I’ve teamed up with Pond’s to offer 3 lucky For The Beauty Of It readers the chance to win the full Pond’s Pimple Clear range, so that they can try the 3 day challenge for themselves!

All you have to do to enter to win one of three Pond’s Pimple Clear hampers is leave a comment on this blog post, telling me a bit more about your biggest skincare concerns, and why you think that these products will help. 

Entries close on Wednesday, 10 May 2017, and the winner will be announced on my Facebook page the following day – so be sure to go give my page a like to get that notification! Good luck!


    Thank you for a review on this new product range by Ponds , it has been interesting and informative , my skin problem is oily skin and I tend to break out with pimples and when it’s period time it adds to my pimples. The scarring after the pimple breakout is absolutely stressful as it takes forever for these dark marks to disappear. I would love the opportunity to win and try this for my skin , thank you

  • Pooja Ramsundar

    Thank You for this review. My biggest skin concern is very similar to yours. I don’t go have severe acne but I always have atleast one large pimple on my face at any given time. I have tried Yasmin pill and that has not helped me. I would Love to try the new ponds pimple clear range. It seems promising.

  • Rosha Chetty

    A much needed prize for my skin, I have breakouts and it gets worse when I stress or it’s that time of the month. It’s embarrassing to have pimples and go out to work or to campus, I became self conscious. Will love to try this products as nothing as helped in the past Thank you

  • Hafeezah Abrahams

    I need to find the solution!!! Throughout my teen years I never experienced any form of acne. Now that I’m in my late 20’s I’ve never experienced my skin in this state. I have tiny red pimples all over my forehead and cheeks area. I’ve been using expensive brands and nothing is working! I’ve became so self conscious that it brings me down because everyone points out how bad my skin is getting. Would love to win this product, as I had enough of these acne days!

  • Growing up & going through puberty I never had pimple problem however now I’m in my late 20s and finding that I’m receiving way more pimples and especially bigger pimples along with the finer ones around my hair line and jaw line. I changed to use a daily exfoliator but this doesn’t seem to help.

  • Zoleka Ngqebe

    I am one of those unfortunate ladies who have breakouts for almost any reason. My skin attacks me for breathing. Be it that time of the month, had a chocolate or change of season – I get pimples.
    I have tried all kinds of products and I understand that this will never end but I would like to try ponds to help make them look better in three days.

  • LadyAnne

    I havealways had problematic skin. I am 33 years old and still suffer with severe acne and scarring. My biggest problem is the recurring acne and pimples. I have tried everything. It leaves such ugly scars. It has killed my self esteem and some days I just dont even feel like leaving the house.

  • Carolyn Augustus

    I’ve never had problematic skin but recently I’ve been struggling with breakouts on my forehead. Quite frankly I’m at a loss on how to handle it but I think the quick action of these products will help me a lot.