[Beauty Haul] My Clicks Winter Beauty Fair Favourites

[Beauty Haul] My Clicks Winter Beauty Fair Favourites

It doesn’t matter how many toiletries or how much makeup I have, every time one of Clicks’ infamous beauty fairs rolls around, I’ll find an excuse to blow half my salary on some more beauty goodies. I just can’t help myself!

The Clicks Winter Beauty Fair is currently on the go, so you can believe that I’ve spent quite a bit of time in my local Clicks store over the last couple of weeks. With great deals on everything from skincare and body care to foundations, makeup brushes, fragrances, and more, I highly recommend that you pop in store before the 14th of June to make the most of their promotions. Not sure where to start? I share some of my favourites, below…

Clicks Winter Beauty Fair

Clicks Winter Beauty Fair


I’ve developed quite a love for French pharmacy skincare over the past few months, so I was thrilled to see that Clicks has some amazing specials on some of my favourite French pharmacy brands (and I’m not alone in my love for these specific skincare brands; you’ll find loads of beauty bloggers and beauty editors – both local and international – raving about these brands, and with good reason). My top picks include:

Eau Thermale Avène – I only started using Avène earlier this year, but the range has shot right to the top of my list of effective, must-have skincare products. Avène is particularly fantastic for use on sensitive skin types, and it works a treat on dry, thirsty skin. I use the Eau Thermale Avène Soothing Moisture Mask (R230) at least twice per week (in fact, I’ve got it on as I type this), especially now that we’ve moved into winter and I’ve started noticing a few dry patches. I’m also a big fan of the Eau Thermale Avène Mattifying Fluid (R239), which provides my combination skin with a good dose of much-needed moisture, while preventing that dreaded midday shine. Now, I personally don’t struggle with eczema, but so many friends that do swear by Eau Thermale Avène Cicalfate Cream, so it may be well worth checking out if you do have eczema. Head on over to your nearest Clicks store to save 20% on select Eau Thermale Avène skincare products.

Bioderma – I have been a fan of Bioderma’s skincare products for the longest time. I always have a tube of Bioderma Atoderm Intensive Soothing Emollient Care (which is ideal for babies, children, and adults) in the house – especially during the winter months. Although I don’t often use it on myself, it’s the only moisturiser I use on Beanie’s skin during winter, and he’s never had dry, itchy patches as a result. The Husband often experiences extremely dry skin on his face during winter, and Bioderma Atoderm Intensive Soothing Emollient Care (R100) sorts it out within a couple of days. It’s the best! I also couldn’t live without the iconic Bioderma Sensibio H2O Make-up Removing Micelle Solution (R220) – I currently have one large bottle, plus several travel-sized bottles (which you can’t buy separately, but you’ll occasionally find in special promotional packs), and it’s pretty much the only micellar water I use. It’s extremely gentle and doesn’t burn or sting my eyes, and I find that it removes every last trace of stubborn makeup in one quick swipe. I’m pretty keen to try out the Bioderma Sebium H2O Purifying Cleansing Micelle Water, which is currently marked down to R159,95 (you save 20%) and is ideal for those of us with skin that’s prone to breakouts. Again, you can save 20% on select Bioderma products at select Clicks stores. 

Filorga – I’ll be honest, I haven’t used Filorga’s products in forever (because = budget), but I first tried their products while I was still working as a beauty editor at a magazine, and they were honestly so, so good. If you’re looking for an anti-ageing skincare range that’s effective and actually does what it says, Filorga should be top of your list. You can get 20% off Filorga’s Time Zero Multi-Correction Wrinkle Serum, Time Filler Mat Perfecting Care, and Time Filler Absolute Eye Correction Cream at select Clicks store, so now’s the perfect time to try it!

Vichy – I’ve been using Vichy’s products for a little while now (read my review on some of my favourites, here), so I was really happy to see that you can currently get 20% off selected Vichy products. I’ll definitely be making full use of this offer! The Vichy Normaderm Gel Cleanser is currently marked down to R143, and the Normaderm Beautifying Anti-Blemish Care is marked down to R196 – both are fantastic for oily and combination skin types.

Cetaphil – I’m currently using Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Lotion (R109,95) to cleanse my skin both day and night, and my skin is loving it. The non-irritating formula is ideal for all skin types – including more sensitive skins – and miraculously manages to remove every last trace of makeup. I’ve had no reason to use eye makeup remover since using this cleanser, as it’s perfectly capable of removing even the most stubborn of makeup (ie. waterproof mascara). Plus, it’s gentle on the eye area – so much so, that even contact lens wearers can use it. Clicks is currently running a ‘mix and match 3-for-2’ special on selected Cetaphil products, so you buy three products and get the cheapest free! (My personal picks? The Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion, R193,95, Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Cloths, R139,95, and the Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Lotion, R109,95, which you won’t have to pay for! Score!)  

Lipidol – I couldn’t put this post together without mentioning Lipidol. I am absolutely besotted with Lipidol’s range of oil-based skincare products at the moment – they’re absolutely saving my skin this winter! I wrote a pretty in-depth post sharing my thoughts on all the products within the range here, so go have a look at that post if you want to know more.

Clicks Winter Beauty Fair

Clicks Winter Beauty Fair


How many haircare products can one woman own? If you’re anything like me, the answer is – quite simply – never enough! I went a bit overboard in terms of haircare products at this Winter Beauty Fair – here are some of my favourite products at the moment (and yes, I have used all of these – it may seem a bit OTT, but there’s something rather luxurious about being able to pick and choose which haircare products to use today…)

Noughty 97% Natural – I have been itching to get my hands on Noughty’s range of sulphate-free, 97% natural haircare products since the range hit South African shores a few months ago, and now that I’ve had the opportunity to try them for myself, I’m pleased to say that they didn’t disappoint. Clicks is currently running a ‘mix and match 3-for-2’ special (buy three products and get the cheapest free) on all Noughty products, so I have been using Noughty To The Rescue Moisture Boost Shampoo ((R149,95), Noughty To The Rescue Moisture Boost Conditioner (R149,95), and the Noughty Intensive Care Leave-In Conditioner (R149,95). All Noughty’s products are free from petrochemicals, parabens, sulphates, and silicones, plus they’re vegan-friendly and cruelty-free to boot! All three products smell absolutely divine, and they leave my hair feeling super-soft – no dryness or frizz in sight. I’m going to be doing a full review on this range soon, but for now, all you need to know is that you absolutely must have them. Three great haircare products that are, in my opinion, on par with salon professional products for just R300? A bargain! Go and get ’em!

♥Lee Stafford – Speaking of haircare products that are on par with their salon professional counterparts, if you haven’t tried Lee Stafford’s amazing range of shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, and more, now is the perfect time – buy any three Lee Stafford products at select Clicks stores from now until 14 June, and you’ll receive the cheapest for free. As someone who battles with greasy roots on a regular basis (I have to wash my hair every second day – or else), I’ve long been a fan of Lee Stafford Oily Roots Dry Ends Shampoo (R129,95) and Lee Stafford Oily Roots Dry Ends Conditioner (R129,95). Somehow, this magical formulation manages to hydrate and nourish my hair right where it needs it (ie. my dry ends), while keeping oiliness at bay. Whenever I use this duo, I’ve managed to make it to at least three or four days between washes – quite a feat for my hair! (Side note: if you’ve never had the chance to sniff Lee Stafford’s products, I highly recommend you do. His products smell like Thierry Mugler’s Angel, which, if you read this post, you’ll know is my signature fragrance. So divine!) I’ve also been using Lee Stafford Coco Loco Shampoo (R129,95) and Conditioner (R129,95),  which are both packed with nutrient dense coconut oil to nourish and repair your hair, while enhancing shine. This pair boasts a fresh, coconut scent, but I can still catch a whiff of Lee Stafford’s trademark Angel-esque fragrance in there somewhere.

Quick pause for some coffee and a snack! Anyone still with me? I realise this post is super-long, but I hope you’re finding it interesting!

Clicks Winter Beauty Fair

Clicks Winter Beauty Fair


For someone who doesn’t wear a full-face of makeup most days (I make do with a little BB Cream, some blusher, a coat or two of mascara, and lip balm), I sure love buying makeup! Here are some of my top picks from the Clicks Winter Beauty Fair…

Sorbet – As I mentioned, I’m a sucker for a BB cream, and Sorbet BB Cream in 02 Light (R139,95) is a firm favourite. This is my fourth tube since this product launch, and I can bet it won’t be my last. The lightweight formulation evens your skin tone and brightens your complexion at the same time, all while minimising the appearance of blemishes. If I have a super-huge spot, I’ll usually need to use a concealer for extra disguising power, but otherwise, this BB cream is ideal for creating a smooth, even complexion for everyday wear. It also boasts an SPF15 to help prevent your skin from sun damage. Clicks is currently offering a ‘mix and match 3-for-2’ deal on select Sorbet products (including Sorbet nail care, body care, skincare, and tools), so if you haven’t had the chance to try this BB cream, you might want to do so now. 

Bourjois – I have been dying to try Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation (now R205 – you save R50) for ages, so this was the first item on my ‘must-have’ list. I’ve heard so many good things about this foundation (which happens to contain three colour-correcting pigments to ensure a flawless, even-toned complexion), that I was a little apprehensive when I first tried it – but I needn’t have worried. It blends beautifully, it sits so comfortably on my skin (no stickiness, and it doesn’t feel as though I have a thick layer of foundation on my skin), and it really does help to minimise the appearance of dark circles and red patches. (As an aside, it contains yellow pigments to disguise dark circles, green pigments to hide redness, and mauve pigments to brighten up a dull complexion – so clever!) Now that I’ve tried – and fallen in love with – the foundation, I plan on buying the Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream (now R184 – save R45,95) next. (FYI: I filmed a first impressions video that features this foundation – keep an eye out for that, coming up soon!)

Yardley – so many incredible deals on Yardley products happening at the moment, whether you’re in the market for a foundation, eye shadows, or a new lippie. If you’ve been longing to get hold of the super-cute Yardley BB Lip Colours (you know – those adorable little dome-shaped lip colours?) they’re currently marked down to R89,95 at select Clicks stores nationwide.

NYX Professional Makeup – ok, so I’m about 500 years behind on this one, but I am currently obsessed with all things NYX Professional Makeup! Granted, I’ve only just recently started playing around with their products. I recently got my hands on the brand-new NYX Love Contours All Palette, which I am absolutely loving. Never have I ever had this much fun playing with a palette! The palette contains everything you need to create a perfectly sleek and sculpted look, including 9 pigmented eye shadows, 2 super-blendable contouring shades and two beautiful highlighters, plus two brow powders. Heaven in a palette! This palette definitely deserves a post of it’s own, but I couldn’t hit publish on this post without mentioning it. Other new goodies from NYX Professional Makeup to keep an eye out for include the Cosmic Metals Lip Creams (multi-dimensional shine at R154, 95 each) and the NYX Professional Makeup Bright Idea Illuminating Sticks (available in an array of flattering shades at just R134,95 each).

Clicks Winter Beauty Fair


Essie – Clicks Clubcard holders will be thrilled to know that you can get your hands on Essie’s range of stylish nail lacquers for just R125,95 (you save R14) – the perfect excuse to stock up on some new wintery nail hues! If your nails are in dire need of some TLC, take advantage of the Clicks Winter Beauty Fair’s ‘3-for-2’ offer: buy any three Essie nail treatments, and you’ll received the cheapest for free. (I’m a big fan of the Essie Grow Faster Nail Base Coat, R150, and the Essie Milionails Treatment, R150, which is formulated with iron and amino acids for extra-strong nails).

Sorbet – need to update your nail colour kit? Make full use of Clicks’ ‘mix and match 3-for-2’ special to stock up on an assortment of Sorbet’s gorgeous nail colours and treatments – simply pick three, and you’ll get the cheapest free! I plan on heading back to Clicks asap to take advantage of their ‘3-for-2’ special to stock up on Sorbet’s range of nail polish removers – again, buy three, and get the cheapest free (the Sorbet Harden Nail Polish Remover with a salon pump, R45,95, is my favourite nail polish remover of all time. You should try it!)

Clicks Winter Beauty Fair

Clicks Winter Beauty Fair


If you’re looking to expand your makeup brush and beauty tool kit, stop by the Clicks Winter Beauty Fair first – so many awesome goodies to choose from!

Real Techniques – I may have yelped a little when I spotted that Clicks are offering a ‘mix and match 3-for-2’ offer on all makeup brushes, never mind the highly covetable Real Techniques range of makeup brushes! Like most beauty junkies, I couldn’t resist and got the Real Techniques Bold Metals Oval Shadow Brush (R300). I haven’t used any other foundation brushes since I got my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (R180) a couple of years ago, so I’m pretty keen to get my hands on the Real Techniques Bold Metals Triangle Foundation Brush (R400) to see whether it’s equally good. I’m also lusting after the new Real Techniques Bold Metals Triangle Concealer Brush (R399,95). Mark my words: one day I will own them all! 

Sorbet – I’ve been lusting after the Sorbet Pore Your Heart Out Rechargeable Facial Cleanser for ever, so I was thrilled to see that you can get 20% off this cleansing brush during the Clicks Winter Beauty Fair. The Sorbet Pore Your Heart Out Facial Cleanser (now R255 – save R64) is water resistant and USB rechargeable (I’ve got mine plugged into my Macbook as I write this blog post), and it comes with three professional attachments –  a daily cleansing brush head for quick and effective daily cleansing, an exfoliating brush head for deep cleansing and to remove dead skin cells, and a high-sensitivity brush head for more sensitive skin types (the latter is my favourite).

BaByliss – in the market for a new hairdryer? I absolutley love BaByliss hair tools (my hairdryer, which I’ve had for about 10 years, is from BaByliss), so I’ve got my eye on the BaByliss Le Pro Light Hairdryer 2000W (R399 – you save R100), which boasts fast drying and styling power, and comes with ionic technology to help prevent frizz and static. Smooth, sleek hair, here I come!

Here’s a quick virtual high-five if you’ve managed to make it to the end of this post and you’re reading this right now!

I know this has been a super-long, jam-packed post, but I loved putting it together and sharing some of my personal favourite picks from the Clicks Winter Beauty Fair with you all. Hopefully you enjoyed reading it, and found it helpful! If you’re keen to get your hands on any of the above-mentioned specials, be sure to head on over to your nearest Clicks store as soon as humanly possible. The Clicks Winter Beauty Fair ends on the 14th of June, which is just a few days away, so run – don’t walk! These are just a few of the current deals on offer – there are so many more, so best you have a look in store or get your hands on the Clicks Winter Beauty Fair booklet. You can also head on over to Clicks’ website to shop these and other great deals from the comfort of your bed!

Have you tried any of the products I’ve mentioned in this post? I’d love to know your thoughts, and I’m sure other readers would too, so please leave a comment down below!

* A very big thank you to Clicks for sponsoring this blog post! Please note that, although this post has been paid for, all views and product reviews remain my own and are 100% honest. Promise! 

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