A little LUSH haul

A little LUSH haul

Who doesn’t love a little LUSH haul? Whenever I’m having a bad week and I have a little extra cash burning a hole in my pocket, I like to pop round to my nearest LUSH store to pick out a bath bomb or three to brighten my day.

Now I’ll admit: I’m completely obsessed with LUSH’s heavenly bath bombs and bubble bars (The Comforter is my absolute favourite), and I’ve also been known to go a bit wild when it comes to their face masks and bath jellies. One thing I’ve never really so much as thought to experiment with? Lipstick. In fact, LUSH has never really been top of mind when I think of colour cosmetics. Bath products? Absolutely! But LUSH certainly wasn’t my first choice when out shopping for a new lip colour.

Lush haul

Now that I know better, I wish I’d stumbled upon LUSH’s range of liquid lippies sooner! They have the most beautiful range of long-lasting, high-impact shades on offer, from a flattering, suits everyone nude shade called ‘Perspective’, to a classic fire engine red called ‘Strong’ (by far my favourite in the collection – and my go-to lip colour for days when I need a little boost).

These lip colours are housed in gorgeous glass packaging with a doe-foot applicator that can be used to build up colour – or you can do as I do and dot a little at the centre of each lip, then use your fingers to blend the colour for a long-lasting stain.

Ingredients include jojoba oil (a super-hydrating and non-irritating base), candelilla and rose waxes, and although the pigments are synthetic, they’re classed as safe synthetics. They’re also cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, and each lip colour retails at R195. I’ve got three shades in total (‘Strong’, ‘Believe’, and ‘Confident’) and I’ve really enjoyed playing around with them… so much so that I’m already plotting a return to LUSH to stock up on a couple more shades!


Given my current love for bright and bold lippies, I’ve had to make sure that I’m taking proper care of my lips so that I have a soft, smooth, and even base for my lip colour of choice. The first step in my lip care routine? A good ol’ scrub with LUSH Mint Julips Lip Scrub (R105), which is pure minty chocolate goodness in a pot. It contains invigorating peppermint oil and deliciously nourishing jojoba oil, along with real sugar crystals to slough off dead skin cells, leaving your lips primed for smooth lipstick application. Did I mention that this lip scrub is absolutely delicious? I can never resist the temptation to lick my lips afterwards… and thanks to the all-natural, vegan-friendly ingredients, it’s totally safe to do so! Yum!

I never go anywhere without a handful of lip balms on me, and I can guarantee that you’ll find a secret stash of lip balms all around my house: on my coffee table, in my bedside drawer, on my desk, and even in my cubby hole. Lip balm is definitely one of the top three products I’d pick if I were headed to a desert island, and I’m a big fan of LUSH’s vegan-friendly lip balms. My top pick? Definitely LUSH Passion Fruit Lip Balm (R95), which contains extra virgin coconut, jojoba, moringa, and passionflower oils, and smells absolutely divine. Sadly, this beauty will be leaving LUSH stores soon, so if you’re keen to try it out for yourself, be sure to stock up soon!

Fortunately, I’ll always have my ride-or-die LUSH Rose Lollipop Lip Balm (R95). This super-nourishing little pot of goodness contains conditioning cupuacu butter (an emollient that helps to retain water, and a vegan alternative to animal-derived lanolin), along with soothing Turkish rose oil, softening candelilla and orange peel waxes for a delicious rose lemonade treat for both your lips and your tastebuds (you try resist the urge to lick your lips after applying this goodie – it’s damn near impossible!)

Want a little hint of subtle colour along with your balm? No problem! LUSH Strawberry Bombshell Lip Tint (R120) is the perfect combination of intense nourishment (thanks to the Kalahari melon oil, extra virgin coconut oil, and candelilla wax) and a pop of colour. It gives lips a pretty fuchsia tint and makes for quick and easy touch ups on the go… and once again, it smells (and tastes) so delicious!


By far the most surprising of the lot? My LUSH Ugai Mouthwash Tabs (R125), which I was not expecting to love but have fast become a permanent fixture in my daily routine. I am in love with these mouthwash tabs! These little tabs are inspired by the Japanese tradition of gargling – known as garagara – which was thought to help maintain health and vitality. Garagara is typically done when your throat feels dry or after spending time outdoors (in Japan, it isn’t uncommon for mothers to tell their children to wash their hands and gargle after they come home), and it’s thought to help prevent the onset of colds and ‘flu. I’ve been using my little Ugai mouthwash tabs twice daily after brushing my teeth, but I’ve also started gargling throughout the day since reading up on garagara. Although I can’t say for certain that the act of gargling is solely responsible for me not getting sick this winter, I do think that it’s a little suspect that I haven’t gotten sick at all since taking up this little ritual… what do you think?

I was a bit confused about how to use these little tabs when I first got them, but I needn’t have been – it’s pretty easy. Simply pop a little tab into your mouth after brushing your teeth, take a little sip of water, then start nibbling away. You’ll notice that the little tab will start to fizz gently – simply gargle, then spit! It couldn’t be simpler! Ugai mouthwash tabs contain green tea and sea salt, and they have a refreshing herbal taste that leaves your mouth feeling thoroughly clean and fresh. I’m a big fan of these babies and will definitely be stocking up on more once I’m all out – I’m also tempted to try the toothy tabs after my experience with these!

Have you tried LUSH’s mouthwash tabs before? Which of the products mentioned above are you most likely to pick up next time you’re at your nearest LUSH store (and what are some of your top picks for me to try?)

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  • Claire Hart

    Every time I pop into a LUSH store, I try one new product 😉 You must try the toothy tabs next – can’t live without them now! I’ll try the liquid lippies – thanks for the recommendation xxx

    • Can’t wait to try the Toothy Tabs! I’m also pretty keen to try the play-doh soap they have for kiddies – but for me! They look like so much fun! Thanks so much for reading and for taking the time to leave a comment! x

      • Tarryn Atkinson

        The play dough soap is awesome. My boys got some from a family member after a trip to London and they loved it! It is all done now so I need to go in and get more. Now I have a few extra things on the shopping list to look out for!

  • Melanie Sillifant

    I have always sticked to their skincare and bath goodies, never even looked at the “color range”. Very Interesting post.

  • Siobhan Hughes

    I have one of the Lush lippies and I absolutely love it. I’m also nearly finished my Lush lip scrub, and it’s time I restock that.
    I haven’t ever tried the mouthwash tabs, as I was a bit afraid, but now I’ll definitely give some a bash!