The perfect lunch time peel that doesn’t hurt? Yes, please!

The perfect lunch time peel that doesn’t hurt? Yes, please!

For the past five years, my biggest beauty concern has been to reduce the appearance of dark spots. My struggle with pigmentation is nothing new (read more here and here) and although I’ve tried just about every facial and skincare product on the market, nothing seemed to work. One thing I hadn’t tried, up until very recently? Something that so many experts have recommended, but I’ve been too scared to try: a chemical peel. (I’ve got a tattoo and lip fillers, so I’m not quite sure what I was afraid of. Go figure!)

When a friend suggested that I try the ZO Skin Brightening Treatment, I knew it was time. With promises of a brighter, more radiant and even-toned complexion, fears about any ensuing pain soon disappeared. Better yet? The ZO Skin Brightening Treatment is suitable for all skin types, and there’s absolutely no down time.

zo brightening skin treatment

zo brightening skin treatment

The treatment

I had my treatment done at Therapy Specialist MediSpa in Somerset West, which is owned by plastic, reconstructive, and aesthetic surgeon, Dr Rory Dower, and runs as an adjunct to his practice. My therapist, Monique, started the treatment by cleansing my skin, ensuring that all makeup and impurities were removed. Next, she used ZO Offects Exfoliating Polish to slough away dead skin cells. This also prepared my skin to ensure that the active ingredients to follow would be properly absorbed by my skin. I noticed a very subtle warming sensation, but I wouldn’t describe it as even remotely uncomfortable. If anything, it felt rather cosy!

Monique followed this up by applying a prepping solution to my skin to remove any excess sebum. This also ensures that the peeling solution is better able to penetrate my skin – and it provides an anti-inflammatory and anti-irritation effect at the same time. And now it was time to haul out the big guns!


ZO Skin Health’s Ossential Stimulator Peel is a gentle alpha hydroxy acid peel that’s suitable for all skin types. (And yes – that includes sensitive skins). The glycolic, lactic, and citric acid solution is applied using a gauze and is left on for just two minutes. During this time, the peel works to dissolve the bonds that hold skin cells together. This allows stubborn dead skin cells on the surface of the skin to be sloughed off quickly and effectively. It also contains a patented ingredient, Diglucosyl Gallic, which breaks down existing dark spots and prevents further pigmentation from developing. It also helps to relieve inflammation.

I experienced very slight tingling during this step, and I noticed a bit of redness immediately after the peel. Fortunately, it was nothing compared to the horror stories I’ve come across before. In fact, once I’d dressed and was ready to leave the treatment room, the redness had died down completely. Better yet, my skin looked plumper and more radiant than it had in years!

The ultimate in deep relaxation

This was one of the most relaxing treatments that I’ve ever experienced. This surprised me, as I’d never have dreamed that I’d feel this blissed out after a chemical peel! This is one of the things I love most about Therapy Specialist MediSpa; although their treatments are all medical grade treatments that really deliver results, there is an element of deep relaxation present in each and every treatment that leaves you feeling as though you’re floating on a cloud.

For example, Monique gave me a pampering foot massage during the two minutes that the peel solution was working it’s magic. (And when I got my fillers with Dr Dower a couple of months ago, Monique gave me a super-relaxing facial massage while waiting for the dental blockers and pain killers to kick in). These little touches are the things that really entrust people to a brand or business, and will certainly keep me going back for more!

So, was it worth it?

It’s been over a month since my last ZO Skin Brightening Treatment, and I’m definitely due for my next peel. If you really want to see results, it’s recommended that you go for a treatment every four to six weeks. A course of at least three treatments is best if you really want to see a difference. I’ve been for two treatments over the past four months, and I’ve noticed a huge improvement in terms of my skin’s radiance. The overall texture of my skin is also better than ever, and my complexion is more even-toned than it was before winter (and before my first ZO Skin Brightening Treatment).


Regardless of whether you’re a novice who has never had a peel (like me), or you’ve been going for serious chemical peels for years, I have no doubt that you’ll be happy with the results of the ZO Skin Brightening Treatment. I saw results after just one treatment, and people kept commenting on my skin for weeks afterwards. I went for my second treatment at a salon in Johannesburg. Although the treatment was good and the results were great, it was nothing compared to my experience at Therapy Specialist MediSpa. The treatment felt more like a spoil (as opposed to a cold, clinical medical facial), and Monique’s expertise and care is like none other. If you’re in the Western Cape, do yourself a favour and schedule your next facial or peel at Therapy Specialist MediSpa. You won’t regret it!

For more info, visit Dr Rory Dower’s website (here), or call 021 840 7108 to make your appointment.