For the stylish mama and her babes… matching jammies from Anna-Louise Sleepwear

Anna-Louise Sleepwear

Is there anything more special than a matching set of pjs for the whole family? I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair of comfy – but stylish – jammies for both Beanie and I, and I think I’ve finally found them in this gorgeous matching pair from Anna-Louise Sleepwear.

I’ve long been a fan of Anna-Louise’s beautiful sleepwear sets, and I finally succumbed and treated myself to a white nightshirt shortly before Bean was born. I wore it in hospital after giving birth, and continued to live in it for the next four months while I was on maternity leave. It was one of the most versatile pieces I’ve ever owned – keeping in mind that I hardly ever left the house for the first few weeks, and I was trying to come to grips with breastfeeding! Anna-Louise’s nightshirt proved to be incredibly comfortable and ideal for breastfeeding (love that button up front!) and still made me feel somewhat put together, thanks to the luxurious fabric and beautiful design.

Fast-forward exactly five years, and Bean and I finally have matching pjs! I chose the red and white stripe women’s long set and a matching set for Beanie – the perfect pyjamas for Christmas eve, don’t you think? I absolutely adore the beautiful cut and design of these pieces; they feel hardy and well-made, and I have no doubt that they’ll last us years to come.

Each set is made of Rayon, a wood-based fibre that it strong and durable, but incredibly breathable – just like cotton. What I love most about Rayon when compared to cotton, however, is how soft it feels and how beautifully the fabric drapes. It’s a bit like silk, but much more comfortable and less likely to crease or make you overheat. I’m glad we’ve had cooler weather here in Joburg over the past couple of weeks, as it’s given Beanie and I the chance to give our brand-new jammies a thorough test run. The verdict? We’re in love. So much so that I’ve decided to buy The Husband a pair for Christmas as well, despite the fact that he couldn’t be bothered to wear jammies. With pyjamas that are this comfortable, there really is no excuse not to live in them!

If you’re after a pair of Christmas jammies for yourself and your loved ones, head on over here to shop Anna-Louise Sleepwear’s sale items. All of her Christmas pjs are marked down, but hurry – I’m pretty sure that these babies are going to get snapped up sooner rather than later! Don’t forget to browse the rest of her site to view all the other styles on offer… they really are so beautiful, and they make for a very spoil-worthy gift. (Just a quick heads up: Anna-Louise Sleepwear closes this Friday, 15 December 2017, so get those orders in pronto!)