For outdoorsy dads that are impossible to buy for… a DIY Lion Match camping kit!

For outdoorsy dads that are impossible to buy for… a DIY Lion Match camping kit!

There’s exactly one week to go until Christmas, and I’ve managed to do the majority of my Christmas shopping – thank goodness! There’s just one gift I still need to buy, and that’s a pressie for my husband.

From conversations I’ve had with friends and family, I know I’m not alone when I say that my husband is quite possibly the most difficult person to buy gifts for. He has very expensive hobbies, and if he wants something, he usually buys it for himself before I even get a chance to make a note of it on my Christmas shopping list! He’s not interested in beauty, so the gifts that I’m usually drawn to (toiletry gift sets and colognes) aren’t really his cup of tea either. This year, I’ve settled for a few smaller, more practical gifts… things he’d find useful and would appreciate, but might not necessarily buy for himself. Think a few pairs of new undies, a new toiletry bag (his has definitely seen better days and has been around since before we stated dating seven years ago) filled with his favourite body wash… and an epic DIY camping and fishing kit that Beanie and I put together ourselves.

The husband is a typical Zimbo and he loves spending time outdoors – whether it’s braaing, camping, or going fishing for the weekend – so Beanie and I decided to put together a camping kit with all the necessities. We kept aside a beautiful wooden crate that I received as part of a press drop a little while ago, lined it with tissue paper, and filled it with all sorts of goodies the husband might find handy on a weekend away. Some of the goodies we included were:

  • Lion Firelighters
  • Lion Strikers All-In-One Firelighters (these make lighting a fire super-quick and easy, and are great for use in all weather conditions – perfect for drizzly days beside the campfire)
  • A couple of boxes of Lion Extra Long Safety Matches
  • A ClearLite Citronella Candle to help keep flies and mozzies at bay (I love this one, because it burns for up to 35 hours and really does repel annoying flies – especially handy while you’re eating!)
  • Sunscreen
  • A buff  to protect his face while fishing
  • A packet of marshmallows for roasting beside the fire

It’s a really useful (and affordable) gift idea, and I think he’s really going to love it. So much better than buying some old knick knack that’s only going to gather dust, or yet another fancy skincare kit that he’s never going to use!

The beauty of this gift idea is that you can tailor it to suit your husband (or boyfriend, brother, father, or grandfather, for that matter)… Have you got a movie buff in the family? Add a couple of packets of microwave popcorn, a DVD, and a new pair of slippers for the ultimate treat!

Are you keen to put together your own camping kit for someone (or simply need to stock up on braai essentials for the holiday season)? I’m giving away a hamper of goodies from Lion Match for your own kit. Want to win? Read on below!


All you have to do to enter to WIN these camping essentials from Lion Match is leave a comment down below telling me what you would include in your gift hamper… whether it’s a tube of Deep Heat and some new running socks for the fitness fanatic in your life, or a couple of comic books and a figurine for a die-hard Spiderman fan, I want to hear your ideas!

Once you’ve left a comment, consider yourself entered into the giveaway… but if you’d like an additional entry or two, you can also do the following:

  • Find the Lion Match giveaway post over on my Instagram account, here, and follow the steps. 
  • Find the Lion Match giveaway post over on my Facebook page, here, and follow the steps. 
Entries close on Friday, 29 December 2017, and the winner will be announced on Monday, 1 January 2018 (that’s New Year’s Day!) The prize will be sent out during the first two weeks of January 2018. Ts and Cs apply. Good luck! 

Photographs by Carien Rooseboom