For animal lovers of all ages… cute goodies from the Endangered Wildlife Trust

For animal lovers of all ages… cute goodies from the Endangered Wildlife Trust

Did you know that the Endangered Wildlife Trust has an online shop? Neither did I, but when I found out, I immediately headed on over to their site to have a peek, and I was blown away at the super-cute goodies available for purchase!

From beautiful notebooks and stylish tablet sleeves to eco-coffee mugs and nifty multi-tools, there’s something for everyone and they’ve fast become my number one stop for Christmas shopping this year. They even have soft toys, and I am so obsessed with them that I snapped up two for myself (and no, I’m not sharing with Bean!)

The Endangered Wildlife Trust is an environmental organisation that was founded in 1973, and it’s focus is on the conservation of endangered animals and threatened ecosystems in southern Africa. A couple of their most recent achievements include growing the cheetah population in South African reserves by a whopping 51% in just five years, as well as launching the Brake for Wildlife campaign at the beginning of this month (you can read more, here). I’m always astounded at just how much the EWT does for wildlife and conservation in SA, but I had no idea that there were ways to give back back – other than by making a donation or becoming a member (which I’m looking into as I type this!) For every purchase you make at the EWT Shop (whether online or at the EWT offices – shop hours are between 9am and 2pm every day), a portion of the proceeds will go to the EFT, so not only are you stocking up on great gifts for your loved ones, but you’re giving back too. Bean and I say cheers to that!

Here are just a few of my top picks for gifts for your loved ones this holiday season…

For the man in your life

Grab a six pack of his favourite beer and pop it into one of the EWT’s Jumbo Cooler Bags (R250 each) for a perfect pressie. Why not add a bottle opener keyring (R60 each) while you’re at it?

For the coffee addict

I’m really trying to cut back on the amount of packaging we accumulate as a household, so an eco travel mug is right at the top of my shopping list. EWT has a super-cute coffee mug (R90) that features a little lip that can be twisted around to seal the spout for mess-free coffee on the go. They also have a Bodum Travel Plunger (R390) and an adorable Magic Mug (R160), to name just a few. Go take a look, here!

For health and fitness nuts

No one can have too many water bottles, right? This red water bottle (R60) is great to pack into your gym bag (and could even be used as a kiddie’s water bottle for school). Not a fan of drinking plain water? This Fruit Infusing Water Bottle (R145) is ideal – simply pop some mint and a handful of strawberries into the fruit compartment, add your water, and go.

For the littlies (or young at heart)

I am obsessed with the adorable soft toys on offer, and I immediately fell in love with Tlhose the bat-eared fox (R300) – so much so that I simply had to snap him up for myself. The EWT sent through a selection of goodies for us to photograph for this post, and although I (begrudgingly) managed to return the rest, I couldn’t part with Tlhose… and then I spotted Uchakide the Meerkat (R210), and that was me – done. How cute is he? The one thing that really stood out to me when it comes to the soft toys on offer is the amazing quality – they are beautifully made, and Uchakide’s little head even swivels around! Man, I am obsessed with them! From zebras and fluffy springboks to rhinos and dassies (yes, a dassie! Mbila, I’m coming for you…), there’s definitely something that’ll tug on your heartstrings and worm it’s way into prime position on your bed.

This is just a teeny glimpse at the goodies on offer in the EWT store, so I suggest that you head on over here to have a little browse. They have every gift you could possibly think of, and you can even gift someone a membership to the EFT – ideal for those people who seem to have everything  and are difficult to buy for.

You can contact the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s online store by calling (011) 372 3600, or send them an email: You can also visit their online store by clicking here

*This post is not sponsored. All items were either borrowed from the EWT, or purchased with my own money.

IMAGES: Carien Rooseboom

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