A LUSH-filled Christmas

A LUSH-filled Christmas

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a LUSH bath bomb or two… for as long as I can remember (and LUSH has been around), the husband has popped a LUSH bath bomb into my Christmas stocking and every Christmas day ends with a LUSH bath.

As someone who adores the festive season and is equally obsessed with LUSH, it’s the perfect end to a day filled with love, laughter, and full, happy tummies. Beanie has also developed quite a love for all things LUSH, so I’ve popped his favourite bath bomb (Itty Bot, the little blue robot) into his Christmas stocking this year. I know there are a few more LUSH goodies under the tree this year (I can smell them every time I walk past… it is LUSH after all), so here are some of the treats I’m hoping for…

LUSH Rose Jam Naked Shower Gel (R165)

I absolutely love the concept of these Naked shower gels. They’re basically your favourite LUSH shower gel in a solid form and minus the packaging, and they’re great for those who are keen to embark on a zero waste lifestyle… or anyone, really! I’ve been using the Bubbly Naked Shower Gel (R155) for the past month or so and I absolutely adore it! You can rub it directly onto your skin to create a gentle lather, but I like to apply it to my bath lily and I go from there. It’s basically like a good ol’ fashioned bar of soap, but shaped like a LUSH shower gel and minus the soap base and all the drying nasties you’d expect to find in traditional soap bars. The Bubbly Naked Shower Gel is an in-store exclusive that has a refreshing, citrusy scent that lingers on your skin. I do love this scent and definitely plan on buying another ‘bottle’ soon, but first I’m pretty keen to try the LUSH Rose Jam Naked Shower. The Rose Jam scent is one of LUSH’s Christmas classics, and if you’re worried that it’ll smell like your Granny’s bowl of pot pourri – don’t panic! It’s a surprisingly fresh and modern take on rose, and it’s fast become one of my favourite LUSH scents. All the more reason to stock up, because you’ll only find this at Christmas-time!

Lush Christmas

Snow Fairy Naked Body Conditioner (R135)

Another newbie I’ve been loving these past few weeks is the Snow Fairy Naked Body Conditioner. You might be a bit confused when you first get your hands on this beauty – what is a ‘body conditioner’ and what does it do? How do you use it? I had the same questions, but after using this little guy for a good few weeks, I’m sold. You basically use it like you’d use a hair conditioner: after washing your body, rub this little guy all over your bits and massage into your skin before rinsing and patting dry. It’s packed full of natural, nourishing oils (think fair trade organic cocoa butter, mango butter, and avocado butter) that leave your skin feeling ridiculously soft and pampered… no moisturiser needed! It’s a must for lazy gals who couldn’t be bothered to apply lotion after showering.

The Magic of Christmas Reusable Bubble Bar (R95)

I love LUSH’s reusable bubble bars for the simple reason that they can be used again and again… particularly handy if your LUSH habit has gotten a little out of hand, like mine has. Simply hold it under the running tap for a couple of minutes for mounds of Christmassy bubbles. With cinnamon leaf oil, sweet orange oil, and a whole organic clove and cinnamon sticks, it even smells of Christmas and has been the perfect way to kickstart the festive season.

Every and any bath bomb! 

There isn’t a LUSH bath bomb that I don’t like, but I get particularly excited when Christmas rolls around and all the exclusive Christmas bath bombs hit stores… this year, I’ve been loving the super-cute Christmas Sweater bath bomb (R69,50), which contains ginger powder, mustard powder, coriander seed oil, and clove bud oil. It’s smells just like Christmas, and it’s so pretty too! Golden Wonder (R69,50) is quite possibly my favourite LUSH bath bomb of all time… it fizzes and foams all across the water, leaving dazzling colours and a fine, golden shimmer in its wake. It’ll be the prettiest bath you’ve ever had! LUSH Luxury Pud (R69,50) is another firm favourite, thanks to it’s pretty colours and soothing scent.

Everyone needs a bubble bar (or six)! 

Not only do Beanie and I share genetics and the same blood type, but we also have the belief that there’s nothing better than a tub filled with mountains of bubbles in common. That’s why you’ll find at least two or three LUSH bubble bars tucked away in our bathroom cabinet… because you never know when you’ll need some cheering up, and a bubble bath does just that! I’ve set aside the Christmas Eve bubble bar (R95) aside for Christmas Eve (so very original, I know), and I slipped Man in the Moon (R95) into Beanie’s Christmas stocking (and you can bet I’ll be sharing that bath with him!)

If you’re keen to try some of these Christmas goodies from LUSH, head over to your nearest LUSH store and make a point of buying a whole bunch, as they’ll be leaving stores soon and you won’t be able to get them till next Christmas! A handful of LUSH goodies is always a welcome pressie in my experience, so if you’ll still looking for a few gifts for your loved ones, GO TO LUSH!

What are some of your favourite LUSH goodies, or which ones are you hoping to find underneath your Christmas tree on Monday?