My Road Trip Essentials

My Road Trip Essentials

We’ve just arrived home from a blissful two week break in Kimberley, which was spent exploring the sights, visiting museums, and spending some quality time with family. S and I have spent a lot of time road tripping during our seven years together, so naturally we decided to drive to Kimberley rather than fly.

Beanie has also gotten used to our road tripping habits and handles long trips really well, and taking regular road trips – whether our destination is an hour or five hours away – has become one of our favourite past times as a family.

As a result, I’ve got packing for a road trip down to a fine art! I thought I’d share some of my road trip essentials with you all in case you’ve got a trip lined up sometime soon. These goodies work equally well for flights, and you’ll always find them in my hand luggage to make sure that I arrive at my destination feeling fresh (and looking decent) – regardless of the mode of transport.

Lip balm

I usually have about five different lip balms floating at the bottom of my handbag, so a handful of good lip balms – both plain and tinted – are a given when traveling. I reapply a plain lip balm constantly throughout the trip to ensure that my lips stay hydrated, and I rely on a pretty tinted balm to perk up my look during rest stops and once we arrive at our destination. My current go-to lip balms? Local natural skincare brand, WASS Skin’s beautifully nourishing Rose Geranium Lip Balm (R100) to nourish and repair my lips, and Revlon’s new range of Kiss Balms (roughly R60 each), which come in an array of gorgeous scents and colours and boast an SPF20 to boot. My current favourites are ‘Crisp Apple’ (which leaves a subtle red tint on your lips) and ‘Fresh Strawberry’ for a pretty pink pout.

Dry Shampoo

Ok, so this may seem like an odd one to some, but I can never travel without dry shampoo. A quick spritz before we stop for lunch (or before disembarking my plane) always leaves me feeling fresher and a little more presentable. Now that my hair’s a bit longer, I often find myself pulling it back into a messy bun so I don’t have to worry about it too much, but dry shampoo was an essential when my hair was shorter (and it’s a must if you have a fringe!) I’m currently obsessed with Colab’s range of dry shampoos, which you’ll find at Clicks. They smell gorgeous, and I find that they really help to absorb oiliness – without leaving too much of a residue. Some dry shampoos make my hair feel really chalky and I loathe that, so I’m happy to report that this one from Colab definitely does not do that!

Face Wipes

Johnson’s Face Care sent over a handful of their face wipes towards the end of last year, and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect! I don’t rely on face wipes very often during the year, but come summer time, I’m hooked! Although I prefer to cleanse my skin properly at the end of the day (using water and a balm cleanser), I always keep a pack of face wipes in my bag to freshen up on the go. I use them constantly when spending time on the beach or beside the pool, and I’ve even been known to use them to wipe Beanie’s hands in a pinch. Johnson’s Face Care Daily Essentials Facial Cleansing Wipes (R44,95) are some of the best on the market – they’re saturated with just enough product to remove every last trace of makeup, and the textured wipes are nice and thick. I really enjoy the wipes designed specifically for sensitive skin types, because I know that I can use them on myself, on my husband’s sensitive skin, and on Beanie’s delicate skin, too!

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Eau Thermale Avene Thermal Spring Water

This product is one of my best beauty discoveries of 2017, and the fact that I managed to go through two bottles during December is proof of my love for this spring water. I always have a bottle of Avene’s Thermal Spring Water in my handbag, and I made sure that I had a spare bottle on hand during the holidays. This facial mist is great for cooling off while traveling in the hot car, and it also helps to keep you awake and alert on a long journey. It perks up tired skin, and also helps to refresh your makeup.

It’s ideal for use on sensitive skin types, so I also felt comfortable spritzing it on Beanie’s skin throughout our journey. (I hear that it’s  also fantastic for treating nappy rash, so it’s worth a try if you’re currently struggling with that).

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

I’m pretty sure you all knew that this one was coming – Elizabeth Arden’s iconic Eight Hour Cream is a travel essential, and it has been at the top of beauty editors, models, and various celebrities’ travel essentials list for years. I like to use it on my lips (I alternate with my usual lip balm), and I also apply some to my nose, just around my nostrils. I know this sounds odd, but I tend to get dry, flaky bits around my nostrils when traveling – most likely as a result of breathing in the air-conditioned air. I also like to give myself a little DIY foot treat while traveling – I apply a generous layer of Eight Hour Cream to each foot, pop on some socks, and leave it to work it’s magic for the rest of the journey. You won’t believe how soft and smooth my feet are once we arrive at our destination!

Healthy snacks

Part of what I love most about road trips are the food stops along the way – there’s nothing quite like a Wimpy burger for breakfast (thankfully they have a delicious veggie burger on offer), and I definitely consume way too many take-away coffees while on the road. Since having Bean, I’ve made a concerted effort to pack some healthier snack options for us all. This usually includes bananas, an apple or two, lots of water, some rice cakes and peanut butter sachets to go with them, and iced teas as an alternative to fizzy cold drinks.

Wellness Warehouse sent me a huge box packed with healthy treats (for both my tummy and my skin) towards the end of last year, so I kept aside a few goodies for our road trip. These included some rice cakes from Sonko (which are equally delicious when eaten on their own – no topping needed!), Native’s delicious blueberries covered in dark chocolate and honey (I am so addicted to these now!), and Beanie’s favourite ice teas from BOS. I was really excited to see that BOS’ ice teas come in convenient juice boxes now, which were not only great in the car, but are perfect for packing into lunch boxes. I’m definitely going to be stocking up on more of these before Beanie’s goes back to school later this month!

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these road trip essentials before, or if you think there’s anything I’ve left off the list?

*This post is NOT sponsored, but I have included several products that were sent to me for review purposes. Rest assured that all opinions remain my own and are 100% honest.