Do you have a favourite household chore?

Do you have a favourite household chore?

Confession time: doing the laundry is quite possibly my favourite household chore. Yep, you read that right: not least favourite, but my favourite household chore.

Sure, there are days when the overflowing laundry basket gets me down or I simply can’t face folding another item of clothing, but I generally rather enjoy doing the laundry – which probably explains why it’s the single household chore that I manage to stay on top of most days! I used to help my mom with laundry while still living at home (my twin brothers were born when I was 16 years old, so the years following that involved a lot of sorting and folding of precious little babygrows and teeny-tiny socks, times two), but it wasn’t until I moved into res that my love of doing the laundry really began. They had these giant, industrial-type top loader washing machines that could easily fit my entire wardrobe, so I only ever had to do laundry once a week… which usually happened on a Friday evening before I headed out for a night on the town. Yep, I love doing laundry that much!

I’d usually pop a load of washing in before taking a shower and getting ready to go out, then I’d quickly hang them up on my clothes horse in my bedroom before heading out (whilst wearing a super-short skirt, bright red lippie, and high heels, of course). That meant that I started my Saturday morning with freshly washed clothes, and ready for the week ahead. (I also used to wash my linen every single morning… I had a frightfully interesting varsity experience, am I right?)

My current laundry routine

Before you start judging me, things are completely different these days. I no longer wash my linen on a daily basis (though I absolutely would if I had the time or energy – there’s nothing better than crisp, clean sheets), and I’ve had to start doing my laundry more frequently now that I have a husband and a busy (dirty) five-year-old. I used to stick to doing our laundry once a week, but I found that the sheer amount of laundry overwhelmed me, so I recently started doing one complete cycle (wash, hang up to dry, fold, and pack away) every day.  I usually pop a load of washing in the night before, then hang it up first thing in the morning while waiting for the kettle to boil. It’s usually dry by the time I fetch Beanie from school, so I’ll bring it in and fold it up while he eats his lunch and we catch up on the day, before packing it away.

Yes, this means that I do laundry every. single. day, but I find that doing smaller loads more often is a whole lot more manageable and leaves me feeling a lot less overwhelmed. Our previous washing machine was also relatively small so could only handle one small load at a time, so doing the laundry once a week would’ve been an absolute mission that would’ve easily taken up an entire day… something that I just don’t have time for.

The LG Smart Inverter Top Loader

Given my love for doing the laundry, you can imagine my excitement when LG South Africa contacted me and asked whether I would be interested in reviewing the new LG Smart Inverter Top Loader washing machine. Erm, yes! Our previous washing machine was a good 10 years old and even though it was still doing the job and was as reliable as ever, I was thrilled at the prospect of a fancy new machine, especially since we’d just moved into our new home. New house, new year, new washing machine… happiness! 

I read up on the washing machine online, and even popped into Dion Wired and paid it a ‘visit’ before our machine arrived, but nothing could’ve prepared me for the beauty that is the LG Smart Inverter Top Loader washing machine. I opted for the 15kg model in a silver finish, and it is a stunner. I immediately hauled out the washing powder and headed to the bathroom to fetch the laundry basket so that I could get started on the first load, and I instantly noticed two things:

  1. The sheer size of the washing machine (one load in the new machine is equal to at least two – if not three – loads in our previous machine. I can already tell that this machine is going to save me endless time).
  2. How easy it is to use! (I hadn’t even read the manual before I started doing the first load – it’s that user-friendly!)

I was also amazed at just how silent this machine is – I kept going back to the kitchen to make sure that the machine was actually on! This is an absolute life saver since I usually do a load of laundry at night, and I often worry that the noise will wake Beanie up. That’s one problem solved!

What about water consumption?

As someone who’s recently moved from the Cape, I’m also really vigilant when it comes to how much water we use as a family. We may not live in a draught-stricken area anymore, but I still think it’s really important that we watch our water consumption and try to save wherever we can. I’ll be honest, I was a bit concerned about water usage when I first received the machine, given it’s size and the fact that it’s a top loader, but my worries were soon squashed when I found out that the LG Smart Inverter Top Loader actually uses a sensor to figure out how big your load is and just how much water is needed. The fact that I’m now doing fewer loads of laundry every week (once every second or third day, thanks to the size of the drum) means that we’re saving on even more water.

And electricity?

The savings don’t stop there. One of the biggest draw cards of the LG Smart Inverter Top Loader is the fact that it controls energy use and can save you up to 36% of your energy consumption when compared to other washing machines, so you’ll save quite a bit on your electricity bill. it also features something called ‘Standby Power Save‘, which basically means that you don’t need to worry about wasted electricity, even when you’ve left your machine plugged in. Only a small amount of electricity will run through the machine when the power is off, but the cord is still plugged in. (Am I the only one that is guilty of doing this?) As for power cuts? The ‘Auto Start‘ feature will ensure that your machine picks up where it left off before the power failure, so there’s no need to stat washing the load all over again. Genius!

It’s kid-friendly!

Considering the fact that I have a littlie with delicate skin in the house, I also really love the side waterfall feature, which means that any detergent is thoroughly mixed with the water to help minimise any detergent residue that might ordinarily result in skin irritation or allergies. It also boasts a soft-closing door (so there’s no chance of little fingers getting slammed in the door) and a kiddie-lock feature, making it the perfect washing machine for families with young children.

I never thought I’d be able to write a full-on essay about a washing machine, but there really is so much to say about this machine… and I promise I’m not just saying it all and writing a glowing review because LG sent it to me for review purposes. The LG Smart Inverter Top Loader truly is all that and a bag of chips, and it’s made my life so much easier over the past month. I get more laundry done in less time, it’s saved us a good R200 off our monthly electricity bill, and I can even wash my usual ‘hand wash only’ garments in the machine! This is with thanks to the ‘Smart Motion’ feature, which boasts three different kinds of motion suited to different fabrics and different care needs:

  • Agitating motion – for more powerful washing.
  • Rotating motion – for tangle-free washing (I use this for our linen).
  • Swing motion – for a more delicate wash.

It also has a rotating drum to ensure that even the toughest dirt and stains are removed quickly, easily, and effectively. Fellow boy moms, you need this!

More handy features

Some additional features that make me love my machine even more (if that’s possible) include:

  • Smart Diagnosis – simply download the LG Smart Laundry app onto your phone, hold your phone up to the Smart Diagnosis logo, press the ‘water’ button down for three seconds, and the app will identify the problem and help guide the solution. How handy is that (and ideal for those of us who hate speaking on the phone!)
  • Lo-Decibel and less vibration – as I mentioned before, this machine is verging on silent while it washes.
  • Auto Pre-Wash – there’s no need for extra rinsing or hand-washing to get rid of tough stains. The Auto Pre-Wash feature does it all for you.
  • Punch +3 – the LG Smart Inverter Top Loader features 1 main pulsator and 3 mini pulsators that result in powerful streams of water to mix your laundry up and down repeatedly for a more even, thorough wash.
  • It also features a 10 year motor warranty.

As you can tell, I’m pretty excited about our new washing machine – and way more interested in a home appliance than I ever thought I’d be! This must mean that I’m officially a grown up? If you get just as giddy about home appliances and you’re in the market for a new washing machine, I urge you to pop into your nearest home appliance store and take a look at this machine. Not only is it highly functional, but it’s ridiculously pretty to boot… and we all know that I’m all about the prettiness!

What are your feelings on doing the laundry? Do you love it as much as I do, or is it one of your least favourite household chores? If so, I’d love to know what your favourite household chore is… let’s compare our quirks in the comments section!