Thinking back to when Beanie was a baby | PLUS the chance to WIN a bursary worth R20 000 from Woolworths Littleworld

Thinking back to when Beanie was a baby | PLUS the chance to WIN a bursary worth R20 000 from Woolworths Littleworld

*This post is sponsored by Woolworths Littleworld

We celebrated Beanie’s fifth birthday a couple of weeks ago (in fact, today marks what was supposed to be his due date, albeit five years ago), which has got me reminiscing and thinking back to the early days with my precious boy.

From the day he was born and our first couple of days at home with our new baby, to his first birthday party (and every birthday party since), every single memory feels as though it happened just a couple of weeks ago – not a good few years ago! One of the things that surprised me most about becoming a parent is just how quickly time goes. That old saying that ‘the days are long but the years are short‘? There really is so much truth in those words. I can hardly believe that my baby has just turned five!

Something else that really took me by surprise – though it probably shouldn’t have – is just how challenging motherhood can be. From sleepless nights (I honestly thought that my baby would be one of those rare few that sleep through the night right from day one… how wrong I was!), teething woes, and mommy guilt, having a baby was so much more difficult than I thought it would be! It was also much more expensive than anticipated…

This past year in particular has been quite stressful financially, as we’ve had to start forking out for more expensive school fees, putting down deposits for Beanie’s future primary school, and paying for his extra murals, and it all costs a pretty penny! Something that I’ve started making use of more and more during the past few months in an effort to save more money are the various rewards programmes we have on offer here in South Africa. Some of them are definitely better and offer more rewards and more savings than others, and this includes Woolworths WRewards – a rewards programme that gives you 10% off selected products. Then there’s the Woolworths Littleworld rewards programme, which I’ve only recently discovered for myself. Fortunately it’s aimed at parents with little ones up to the age of 7, so it wasn’t too late for me to sign up (though I wish I’d discovered Woolies’ free community for moms and dads sooner!)

In case you – like me – have been hiding under a rock and you haven’t signed up for Woolworths Littleworld yet, here are a handful of reasons why you should sign up today:

  • You’ll receive an exclusive Welcome Voucher that you can use to treat your child to a brand-new outfit;
  • Entry into the monthly gift card competitions;
  • A R50 Woolies voucher that you can use to buy your little one a birthday treat;
  • A free spa voucher when you spend R450 or more in your first 3 months of joining;
  • Special Woolies vouchers and savings for both parents and kiddies;
  • A monthly newsletter filled with handy tips and advice, and updates on Woolies fashion;
  • Not to mention the fact that you’ll automatically get all the WRewards benefits, too.

I’ve only just signed up, but I’m looking forward to receiving our Welcome Voucher, and I’m definitely going to be shopping at Woolies more frequently during the next couple of months so that I can get my hands on that free spa voucher!

Yet another reason to sign up to Littleworld and to keep swiping your Wrewards card, credit card, store card or My School card? The chance to win an education bursary worth R20 000, of course! Woolworths Littleworld is offering parents the opportunity to win a bursary worth R20 000 to put towards their child’s school fees, and entry couldn’t be simpler:

  • Simply sign up to join the Littleworld family during the competition period. You can sign up online by clicking here.
  • Swipe your Woolies or your Myschool card when shopping at any Woolies store or online – every swipe (during the competition period) counts as an additional entry.

Needless to say, I’ve been swiping my WRewards card every chance I get – anything to help take the pressure off of paying hefty school fees!

The Woolworth Littleworld Win a Bursary competition will run from 26 January 2018 – 9 March 2018, and the winners will be notified via phone or email during May 2018. If you’re a parent and you haven’t signed up for the Woolworths Littleworld rewards programme yet, you can do so by clicking here. Already a member? Head to your nearest Woolies and get swiping to take full advantage of the savings on offer, and to enter to win that bursary!

Until then, you’ll find me eagerly awaiting that free spa voucher! What benefit or reward offer are you most excited about?