A beauty ritual that’s all about self-love [PLUS a chance to WIN with Ecologic Skincare]

A beauty ritual that’s all about self-love [PLUS a chance to WIN with Ecologic Skincare]

I’ve always been a bit of a beauty junkie and have resorted to a weekly ritual of face masks and at-home manicures to show myself a little self-love for as long as I can remember (as early as 10 years old!)

Over the years, my weekly beauty rituals have evolved and become a little more complicated, and I now have a nightly beauty ritual that helps me to switch off and unwind after a long day of working, being a mom, and keeping our house relatively tidy and running smoothly.  But my beauty routine is about so much more than a simple cleanse and moisturise: it’s also how I show myself a little self-love and escape from the stresses of modern living.

Most nights my beauty routine is fairly quick and easy, but every other night I like to indulge in something a little more special and it’s then that I pull out my special facial steam tea and my rose quartz beauty tools from Ecologic Skincare. I posted about these over on my Instagram account a couple of months ago and I was inundated with questions about how to use a rose quartz roller, so I thought I’d put together a little post to share my top tips… and then Mika, the amazingly beautiful and generous spirit behind local and vegan-friendly skincare brand, Ecologic, very kindly put together a gorgeous hamper for one lucky reader so that you can show yourself a little self-love with a magical beauty ritual of your own!

But first: let’s talk about this gorgeous Ecologic Rose Quartz Roller (R380), shall we? I’ve never been a big fan of beauty tools, because I find that I’m a tad too lazy to use them properly (never mind keep them clean!) and they typically end up lying around at the bottom of my beauty cupboard gathering dust. That all changed the day that my rose quartz roller came into my life, though!

I’d read a lot about jade rollers and the benefits of using one (detoxifying properties, improved circulation, and firmer, more toned skin, to name just a few), but the minute I discovered that a rose quartz roller existed, I was sold. Rose quartz has long been my favourite crystal – mainly because it’s so pretty to look at, but also because it’s said to boost your confidence, soothe stress, ease anxiety, and increase self-love. I know it all sounds a bit airy-fairy, but those of you who know me will know that I’m a real hippie at heart and that this sort of thing is my jam.

Although I don’t use my rose quartz roller every night, I find myself using it at least five times per week and I’ve noticed a huge improvement in the appearance of under-eye bags the morning after the evenings that I do use it. I like to pop mine into the fridge for half an hour or so before using it so that it’s even cooler than usual – it’s such a refreshing treat for stressed, inflamed skin and is great for use on tired, sore eyes.

But how do you use a rose quartz roller?

I use my facial roller in the evenings after I’ve cleansed my skin and applied any of my usual toners and serums. I use a hydrating facial oil to provide some extra ‘slip’ for the roller and to seal in some much-needed moisture. My go-to facial oil is Ecologic’s Xtra Skin Food – no fancy fragrances or colourants, just a pure, good facial oil that does the job.

  • I start rolling from the centre of my face outwards, usually starting on my chin and rolling outwards along my jawline, towards my ear.
  • I roll upwards from the corners of my mouth, along my cheekbones, and up towards the top of my ear.
  • Next, I roll from the centre of my forehead towards my ear.
  • I use the smaller end of my roller to roll from the inner corner of my eye towards the outer corner.
  • I switch to the other side of my face, then finish by rolling my neck area, making sure that I roll upwards to help prevent sagging and to refine those contours!

It may seem intimidating at first (I know the whole process took quite a while when I first started rolling because I was so preoccupied with doing it right), but after you’ve done it for a week or two you’ll find that the process is actually really quick and simple, and you’ll miss it on evenings that you don’t roll!

Regular facial rolling not only helps to improve blood circulation and to promote lymphatic drainage, it also supposedly helps to improve your skin’s elasticity, reduces puffiness (I’ve definitely noticed this!), minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, eliminates toxins, and helps to tighten pores. Although I’m still waiting on those darn pores to tighten up, I’ve noticed that my skin is a whole lot firmer since I’ve started rolling regularly – my jawline is more defined, and I feel as though my cheekbones ‘pop’ more than they did a few months back.

Using a rose quartz roller is also said to help ease inflammation, which is something I’ve really been struggling with lately so I’ve decided to start rolling on a nightly basis once again to see if it helps. I’m also hoping that using my roller more religiously will help to reduce the appearance of my large pores – something I also plan on tackling with more frequent facial steams!

I used to indulge in a good, old fashioned facial steam on a fairly regular basis during my student years, but it’s something I’ve completely forgotten about – until I discovered Ecologic’s Harvest Moon Facial Tea (R120) about a year ago. I’m convinced that facial steams are set to make a comeback and are the next skincare trend that we’ll all be adopting in a few months’ time – and with good reason!

Ecologic’s facial tea contains a plethora of skin-loving herbs and flowers – think lavender, chamomile, rosemary, and calendula – that help to correct dry, dull, stressed-out and congested skin. These ingredients boast soothing, anti-inflammatory, and regenerative properties and I’ve definitely noticed that a facial steam helps to calm angry, red breakouts at that time of the month (it’s also a lovely, soothing self-love treat that’s great for when you’re PMSing!)

I pour some boiling water into a large bowl then add a tablespoon or two of the tea leaves, before leaving the ‘tea’ to steep for roughly five minutes. I then place a towel over my head and breathe deeply for 10 minutes while the steam is left to work it’s magic. Once I’m done steaming my face, I like to spritz my skin with some rose water, before following with my rolling ritual as described above.

This little self-love beauty ritual never fails to boost my mood, and I find that it’s the perfect way to destress and let go of my worries after a particularly hard day. I love it so much (and I’m equally in love with Ecologic’s skincare products) that I wanted to help spread the love by giving YOU the chance to win your own self-love hamper packed with beautifully indulgent skincare treats and tools from Ecologic.

Here’s what you can win
  • A facial roller (you get to choose between a jade roller or a rose quartz roller)
  • An Ecologic Harvest Moon Facial Tea blend
  • An Ecologic Facial Scrub
  • Your choice of one of five Ecologic Mood Oils

Ecologic Skincare Hamper

This giveaway will end on Friday, 23 March 2018, and the winner will be contacted via email by Monday, 26 March 2018. Good luck! 

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