Treat yourself to a rich girl mani… on a budget!

Treat yourself to a rich girl mani… on a budget!

I haven’t had a professional mani done in what feels like years, so when I found myself at MS Bliss in Parkmore with some extra time after having a pedi and foot peel done, I decided to treat myself and booked myself in for a manicure on the spot!

Fortunately my therapist, Lynette, had an opening following my pedicure and Milk Solutions Professional Foot Peel (my review on that treatment coming soon!) so she was able to do their signature Ms. Mani (R250) for me right there and then. The treatment started with a quick soak and scrub using Milk Solutions’ heavenly Milk & Honey Exfoliating Cream (which you can also buy to take home with you – R231), and Lynette proceeded to push back my cuticles before shaping and filing my nails.

I haven’t had the time to give myself an at-home mani, so I can’t even begin to explain how much my hands needed the TLC! After just these few steps (and before any nail polish came anywhere near my nails), I already felt a million times better… isn’t it amazing how something as simple as a manicure can transform your mood and the way you feel about yourself in a matter of minutes?

In fact, I was so busy sharing Instagram stories of my pedicure and foot peel that my phone’s battery had died by the time my manicure rolled around, which meant that I had to slip my phone into my handbag and actually switch off for a bit – a forced digital detox, if you will. It made me realise just how much time I spend on my phone and how I miss out on opportunities to relax and unwind, because I’m so busy capturing an experience or taking photographs to share in a blog post.

It made me feel immensely grateful for the extra time and funds available to me so that I could actually take this time for myself, and it also made me vow to start doing this on a regular basis. Times have been tough over the past couple of months (years?) and we’ve had to cut down on our expenses quite a bit, but I realised that I can definitely find an extra R250 per month for a much-needed mani – especially if it has such a positive effect on my mindset. I generally opt for pedicures when I get invited for treatments or when I have some extra cash to spare, simply because they feel like such a treat for hard-working feet and they happen to last a whole lot longer than a mani. I’ve been so surprised at my own reaction to having manicured hands, though… I’ve felt so polished and put together this past week, and I get a little jolt of satisfaction every time I catch a glimpse of my glossy nails. It’s also prompted me to take better care of my hands, and I’m now applying cuticle oil and a lotion to my hands every night.

I’ve also been amazed at how long this manicure has lasted – It’s been five days, and I only noticed my first chip today! Ms. Bliss offers several nail colour options (they also offer gel), but I decided to go with Jessica Phenom Vivid Colour in ‘The Penthouse’, a deep, sultry hue with a red undertone that makes me feel like a million bucks!

It hasn’t even been a week, but I’m already plotting my return to Ms. Bliss… and even if I don’t have R250 for a full-on, signature mani next month, I’m pretty sure I can eke out R180 for a classic mani (30mins) or R120 for a shape, buff, and polish. (See here for their full price list). I’ll be sharing more about my foot peel soon (as well as sharing pics of this beautiful little haven), so watch this space!

PS: I kept forgetting to take nice photographs of my nails, so these were taken today – on DAY FIVE of my mani. Have you ever?