Stylish hair made simple with Toni & Guy’s Fashion Fix range

Stylish hair made simple with Toni & Guy’s Fashion Fix range

*Sponsored by Toni & Guy

I recently cut my hair, and my new shorter ‘do has opened up so many doors for me style-wise. Even though it’s not the first time I’ve worn my hair in a chin-length bob, I find that I’m a whole lot more adventurous when it comes to playing around with my hair and experimenting with new styles.

Whereas I used to stick to using my flatiron to ensure that my bob was smooth, sleek, and dead-straight, these days I find myself opting for a softer, more tousled look. Up until recently, I used my flatiron to create waves, but I’ve found a much better alternative – that happens to be impossibly chic and really easy on the pocket, too. Meet Toni & Guy’s super-stylish (and really affordable) Fashion Fix range, which is made up of three nifty, handbag-sized stylers that allow you to recreate styles worthy of the catwalk in a flash. (Scroll down to the bottom of this post for a chance to win all three!)

When I first received these stylers, I was a bit worried about how well they would perform, given their compact size. I needn’t have worried: although these beauties are petite in size, they definitely deliver on both personality and performance. Each styler heats up to 210 degrees Celsius (and they heat up really quickly, which is a huge bonus if your mornings are as fast and chaotic as mine), and boast Colour-Lock Technology to ensure that your hair (and your colour) is kept looking its healthy, vibrant best.

Since I’ve been using a flatiron for years and know how to style my hair using one with ease, I thought I’d get started by putting the Toni & Guy Fashion Fix Straightener (R399) to the test. I loved how quickly this iron heated up (no waiting around for the plates to heat up properly – it was ready to style within a matter of seconds), and the narrow, Ceramic-Tourmaline plates meant that straightening my fringe was an absolute breeze! It might be small, but it managed to get the same sleek results as my full-sized flatiron making it the perfect travel companion.

Now for something that I’ve never tried before, but couldn’t wait to put through its paces: the Toni & Guy Fashion Fix Waver (R399), which was designed to give you relaxed, natural-looking beach waves and loads of volume… and it definitely did that! I wasn’t sure that the waver would work in my chin-length bob, but after playing around a couple of times, I managed to figure out how best to use this for my short hair. (I left the bottom section of my hair natural, and only used the waver on the top sections for more defined waves and to keep the volume under control – this thing seriously delivers on oomph, you guys!) It’s also really quick and easy to use, so it’s perfect for rushed mornings when I don’t have time to do something that requires a little more effort.

By far my favourite of the three tools (though picking a favourite is a bit like picking a favourite child) is the Toni & Guy Fashion Fix Curler (R399), which is the first curler I’ve managed to master – without burning my neck. Thank you, Toni & Guy! Again, I wondered whether this tool would work for my shorter hair, but there really was no need for concern – the 25mm barrel is ideal for use on shorter hair, while still creating natural-looking waves (no super-tight, poodle-esque curls in sight!) The curler is incredibly easy to use, and you can create different effects depending on how many times (or how tightly) you wind your hair around the barrel.

The Toni & Guy Fashion Fix range has definitely upped my hair styling game, in more ways than one: not only do they help me create effortlessly gorgeous styles, but they look pretty stylish themselves! I’ve said it before, but it warrants repeating: I love the small, compact sizes of each styler. They’re great for use on shorter hair, and it also means that I don’t have to choose just one styler next time I go on holiday – I can pack all three! (You can also pop one into your handbag to freshen up your style between meetings or before heading out for after-work drinks).

Now I don’t know about you, but R399 for an incredible, hard-working hair tool is a steal in my book, but Clicks’ is currently offering you 20% off all three stylers – which means that you’ll pay no more than R319 per styler if you buy yours before 10 April 2018. Go and get ’em, girls!


I’m giving one lucky reader the chance to win ALL THREE Toni & Guy Fashion Fix stylers worth R1200! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below, telling me which styler you’d most like to try. 

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This giveaway ends on Tuesday, 10 April 2018. The winner will be notified via my Facebook page (click here and give it a like to stay updated). Good luck!

  • Emily

    Ooh, I love the smaller size of these. I could do with the flatiron, but wonder what the Fashion Fix Curler could do to complement my already wavy hair. Holding thumbs!

    • Well hopefully you win, because then you can have both! Thanks for entering, Emily – good luck to you!

  • Janel Sunderlall

    I would love to try the Toni & Guy Fashion Fux Curler

  • sharleen deacon

    The Fashion Fix Waver as I need volume

    • I was so amazed at just how much volume it gives! Have never used a tool quite like it before. Thanks for entering and for your continual support, Sharleen! Good luck!

  • Petre

    I would love to try the Fashion Fix Waver! I have dead straight hair!

    • It’s such a cool little device! Thanks so much for entering, Petre – good luck!

  • Neelofah Heuvel

    Without a doubt the Fashion Fix Waver as I’m trying to embrace my natural hair but it looks a damn mess (and we’re not talking a hot damn mess here haha) so this will take me from a no-no to a go-go 😎

    • The waver is such a handy little tool! I know what you mean, though – my hair also has a natural wave to it, but it’s definitely NOT the kind of wave you want! Thanks for entering, Neelofah – and good luck!

  • Jessica

    I’d love to get my hands on the Fashion Fix Waver! I feel like I can’t ever create the perfect beach curls! This styler looks like it’ll do the job PERFECTLY & from what I have read, it does!

    • It’s such a handy little device! Thanks so much for entering, Jessica – good luck! xxx

  • Kim Muller

    I’d love to try the Fashion Fix Waver!

    Do you know if these irons would work on longer hair the same way as a normal sized iron would?

    • They definitely do – several other bloggers have also written about them, and they all have longer hair (see Leigh from Lipgloss is my Life’s post, and Candice-Lee from In My Bag’s post). Thanks for entering, and good luck, Kim! xxx

      • Kim Muller

        Awesome! Thank you, will check it out 😊

  • This is such an awesome giveaway! The fashion fix waver looks do cool

    Candice |

    • Thanks so much, my friend – and thanks for entering! Good luck!

  • Sharon Van Wyk

    I’ve LOVE to try the Toni & Guy Fashion Fix Waver!
    I’ve recently started playing around with curling & waving my hair and it’s a fail more times than not. I’ve burned my face this past weekend!

    • I saw that! I totally thought of you when I was putting the curler to the test – because I ALWAYS end up burning myself! Good luck, Sharon! x

  • Janel Sunderlall

    I would love to try the Fashion Fix Straightener💝

  • Dené cameron

    I would really love the Fashion Fix curler to change my everyday style a bit. Also happens that my current flat iron broke;-(

    • Perfect timing for this giveaway then! (Though I’m sorry to hear about your flat iron). Thanks for entering, Dene – and good luck!

  • Sabrina Mortimer

    Definitely the fashion fix curler- my hair is that awkward in between straight and curly, so I always straighten it (it’s quicker and easier) but it would be great to curl it for a change!

  • Cathi Trevor

    Love your article my friend – I always think of you whipping a ghd through your hair with expertise in hotel rooms before we’d go down to a beauty launch or breakfast!! (We’d inevitably be a little late but it didn’t matter heehee!!)
    Nightie night xx

  • Nicole Wooldridge

    Fashion fix Curler please! I just cut my hair short and my natural curl leaves frizz not fabulous. X

  • Anthea Williams

    I would love to try the Fashion Fix Curler I always go for the straight and sleek look and would like to try something different.


    Absolutely enjoyed reading this review was interesting, informative and enlightening .Thank you for the giveaway
    I love to try the Fashion Fix Curler
    Will be great to try a new look for my straight hair.

  • Lee-ann Barnes-Dowrie

    I would love to try the Fashion Fix Curler. I have also decided to cut my hair really short this year and most flat irons dont allow ones curls to be beautiful. This is just the thing i need for those rushed mornings,No more crazy hair days trying to get those curls perfect and stylish.

  • Shahzaadee

    Fashion fix waver . I dont have one of those and always wondered how it worked. A hairdresser used a similar thing on my hair yrs ago and I loved the outcome jjst never got my hands on it . With newly cut short hair I would love to try it im also always keeping my hair straight as i have no idea how else yo style it . Fingers crossed

  • Kelly

    The curler. My hair is not straight but not curly so I would love to put some curles into my hair to match my daughter

  • Oh my goodness…i am currently busy researching which straightener to get. Need a new one ASAP.
    Would love to try the Waver.
    Why are there so many comments…i need to win this 😉

  • Naeemah

    Definitely the Toni & Guy Fashion Fix Curler! So cute, so convenient!
    I have the same issue with burning my neck or my shoulder when curling with a wand.

  • Martinè Hendricks

    I’ve recently also joined the shorter bob hair club and would love to do experiment with the Fashion Fix Waver purleeeez. All shared and loved and adored and going insane because it’s mine! YaY!

  • I would definitely be keen to try the curler just because I am yet to master a curler but so desperately want to. It would also be great to have a travel size straightener at hand for hair emergencies (straight is always my go-to on a bad hair day).
    This is a lovely post and review of each styler.

  • Lauren

    I want to try the waver for my daughter she loves weird hair styles for me the curler because I love curling my hair.

  • Megan Hartwig

    I would love to try the style fix waver, but love how compact they all are for travelling 😉

  • bling queen

    I SO have to try the fix waver! Have been wanting it for ages! Its so different to anything else. (fingers crossed)

  • Fatimah Limbada

    Fashion Fix Waver is calling my name!!! I love when my hair has texture and volume but I suck at doing it myself. A stylist taught me last year how to do beach waves with a straightener but I can just never get the beach waves look right. I end up looking like I just walked through a thorn bush…sigh (LOL!). I love gadgets that make life easier so this would be an awesome one!

  • Monique Salvarto

    Toni & Guy Fashion Fix Curler would so love to try this!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hello there Chereen, hope you’re doing well. 🙂 I would really love to win the Toni & Guy Fashion Fix Straightener. My hair is currently very short at the back so I need a mini straightener like this one to get my pixi-cut beautiful and on point. Stay well.

  • Lynn Botha

    I would loooove to try the Toni & Guy Fashion Fix Curler. I’ve always been a straight hair kind of gal.. but its time for a change.. and my 7 year old daughter has been asking for curls.. We could have some girlie time and lots of fun 🙂

  • Jade

    Hi Chereen, definitely the Toni & Guy Fashion Fix Straightener as my trusty old Babyliss has finally given up the ghost…

  • Sumaya

    I would love to try the Toni & Guy Fashion Fix Curler. I always wear my hair straight as it seems effortless but to have this amazing tool would make transform my boring style completely:)

  • I was positive I already entered, so apologies if duplicate entry! Definitely the Fix Curler…I’m keen to have Kardashian like waves and curls! lol

  • Michele

    How fabulous! I would love to try the straightner. I am a mom of two teen girls aged 14 and 17 and a toddler. My teens would definitely enjoy to curl and wave their hair. So I guess this prize is perfect for us 🙂 Three stylers = 3 happy ladies! Thanks for the chance

  • Justine Burgess

    i would really love to try the Toni & Guy Fashion Fix Straightener! It is too cute, and I like the sound of narrow plates as this is ideal for perfecting the straight fringe look! I have just cut my hair into a chin length bob like you, so I can imagine how manageable it will be to use this nifty tool to maintain the sleek look which I love!!

  • Anne

    Definitely the curler as i always struggle to curl my hair on my own!

  • Tania Brewis

    Most excited to try the Fashion Fix Curler!! Would luv this!!

  • abigaile10

    I would love to when them , it is hard to pick a fav but I woulf say the curler. My birthday is on the 10th and would be amazing to win

  • Oh my goodness, these sound life changing! The pics are super pretty too:)

    Black Coffee Beautiful

  • I’d definitely LOVE to try the Toni & Guy Fashion Fix Waver

  • Dhesh

    I’d love to try the Fashion Fix waver. I’m often short on time and my hair ends up looking boring.

  • Janet Watson Perry

    I’d LOVE to try the Toni & Guy Fashion Fix Waver because not only would I love beautiful beach waves in my long bob, I need a styling tool that’s easy to use because I always seem to get tangled up and find most styling aids too complicated!! This sounds much easier to use👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Ashley-Rose viljoen

    Toni and guy fashion fix waver 👌👌👌 I have the most boring flat hair and curls are the best ever, this looks like such a nifty gadget.💜

  • Jane McNamara

    I think I will take your advice and wish to try the Fashion Fix Curler. I am growing my hair after years of it being short – hence the need for the Toni and Guy Fix Stylers …. I gave all my previous hot irons away!

  • I’m always looking for travel friendly beauty tools! I’d love to try the Fashion Fix Waver!
    Lovely giveaway and BEAUTIFUL photos Chereen! xx