It’s the little things…

It’s the little things…

I’ve spent the past two weeks visiting my mom in Somerset West, and I’ve been soaking up the gorgeous mountain views and precious beach strolls with my family as much as possible.

I’m fortunate in that I’m able to work remotely, so even though I’ve had several deadlines while on ‘holiday’,  I’ve also had some time to read a novel, to practice some yoga, and I’ve even thrown in some meditation for good measure! I recently signed up as a member over at Che Dyer Yoga, and the guided meditations, yoga flows, journal prompts, and other resources have proven to be so valuable. I’m busy working through Che’s ‘Happiness‘ season at the moment, and even though I’m only four days in, I’m already feeling so much lighter, brighter, and more grateful. One of today’s resources was a list of little things that serve to up your happiness, and it inspired me to create my own. So without any further rambling, here’s my list of little things that help to put a smile on my face…

Early morning road trips

A brand new notebook

Paging through a stack of fresh, glossy magazines

Coffee with a good friend

Crisp, cool morning air

Snuggles from my son

Fresh, white linen on my bed

A vase full of pretty blooms

A stroll on the beach

The last five minutes of a really intensive yoga class

That Friday feeling… especially in Summer (the air is filled with so much promise!)

Lighting up a brand-new scented candle

Sunday afternoon tea and catch ups with my grandparents

Finally ticking the last thing off your to-do list

A really good foot massage

Those are just a few of the simple pleasures that make me happiest… just reading through it gives me a little lift! What are some of the little things that make you happy?