I tried a bunch of haircare products from John Frieda… here are my favourites

I tried a bunch of haircare products from John Frieda… here are my favourites

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I’ve always been lucky enough to have quite thick, strong hair (a huge blessing, considering that I’ve also dyed my hair just about every colour under the sun!), but one of my biggest hair struggles has always been trying to deal with frizzy, wayward hair.

I tried just about everything to try and manage my unruly hair, but by the time I was about 22, I gave up and resigned myself to the fact that I’d never have the smooth, sleek, and frizz-free hair I’d been dreaming of throughout my teenage years.

And then it happened: while getting ready to go out one evening, a friend who had the kind of hair I’d always envied shared her little beauty secret with me: a teeny little bottle of John Frieda’s serum (back then, it was still packaged in a small, plastic bottle – nothing quite like the sleek, gorgeous packaging of today). From that day forward, I made sure that I always had a bottle of this liquid gold on hand to tame frizz and keep my hair looking beautifully soft and smooth. I still use it to this day – I apply a teeny drop to the palm of my hand, before running my hands together and running them through the lengths and ends of my hair after styling. As luck would have it, my bottle was just about to run out when I received a huge box filled to the brim with haircare products from John Frieda – including my beloved John Frieda Frizz Ease Nourishing Oil Elixir (R149).

It contains Argan oil to help nourish your hair, and it also helps to protect your hair against heat styling, while leaving it looking up to 50% smoother and sleeker than before. I usually apply mine to dry hair after heat styling, but you can also apply one pump of product to the lengths and ends of towel-dried hair.

I was pretty excited to find the John Frieda Frizz Ease Daily Miracle Leave-In Conditioner (R116) tucked into the box, especially since I was about to spend three weeks in the Cape, which usually has disastrous effects on my frizz-prone hair. It also meant that I could skip my usual conditioner and opt for this baby instead, which helped me to save water while on holiday. (For non-South African readers, Cape Town and its surrounding areas are currently experiencing a draught, so there are some serious water restrictions in place). I’d never tried this product before, but given my love for the Frizz Ease Nourishing Oil Elixir, I had high hopes for it – and I wasn’t disappointed. It left my hair feeling beautifully soft and free from tangles, and I also found that my hair was a whole lot more manageable when I included this leave-in spray in my routine. (It also boasts heat protection – another bonus for those of us who resort to using flat irons and other heat styling tools on a regular basis).

The box also contained a bunch of shampoos and conditioners to choose from, and although I’ve played around with most of them, I very quickly settled on using the John Frieda Full Repair Strengthen + Restore Shampoo and Conditioner (R116 each) every two or three days. I found that the strengthening formulas were just what my damaged, chemically-treated hair needed; in fact, I’ve managed to go without a trim for going on four months now, and my hair is still in pretty good condition – something that I’ve never gotten away with before! This is likely down to the omega-rich inca inchi oil found in the products, which is said to help reverse the signs of damage while protecting your hair at the same time. Unlike most other nourishing shampoos and conditioners, these products didn’t leave my hair feeling weighed down or coated in thick, heavy silicones – only lightweight, bouncy waves here! (I also noticed that my hair held a wave for much longer than usual while using these products – I’m not 100% sure why that is, but I thought it was worth mentioning for those of you who also enjoy a bit of a wave, like I do).

You may be wondering what I’ve been doing with regards to my hair colour over the past couple of months, given that I haven’t been to the salon in roughly four months (and I typically pop in for a cut and colour every six to eight weeks). Fortunately, John Frieda has some really clever and super-innovative products to take care of that, too… and all without the risk of making some serious home-colour mistakes or damaging your hair in the process.

The first incredibly handy product I tried was John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Visibly Deeper Colour Deepening Treatment (R150) , which leaves your hair looking visibly darker and richer in just five minutes flat. And it’s so quick and easy to use! I applied a generous dollop of product into wet hair (there’s no need to wash and condition your hair beforehand), combed it through, and left it to work its magic for about 10 minutes. (The packaging says to leave the product on for five minutes, but if you’re after a richer, deeper colour, you can leave it on for up to 10 minutes). Although I didn’t notice a massive change in colour, I found that my hair looked instantly healthier and shinier, and it did seem to liven up my roots, helping them to blend into the rest of my hair and making regrowth a whole lot less noticeable.

This colour deepening treatment is safe to use on both natural, virgin hair (that hasn’t been dyed before), as well as on colour-treated hair like mine. It’s definitely a handy product to have in the back of your bathroom cabinet for those days when your hair is looking a little lifeless, or when you simply don’t have the time to make it to the hair salon before an important meeting or event.

If you’d prefer a lighter and brighter look, you’ll love John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Visibly Brighter In-Shower Lightening Treatment (R150). This in-shower lightening treatment illuminates your hair’s natural highlights for hair that’s up to one shade lighter after just one use. The good news is that this treatment works with your hair’s natural colour spectrum, so it won’t leave your hair looking orange or brassy like so many other lightening treatments do. Again, it’s safe for use on natural, highlighted, or colour-treated hair, and it works in just five minutes flat.

I used to use lightening sprays quite often during my high school years (remember those nasty sprays that were activated by sunlight and left your hair looking a very undesirable copper shade?), so I was a little apprehensive to try this lightening treatment, but I’m so glad I pushed through and tried it. I’ve been visiting Tanaz regularly to have my hair highlighted (and to go gradually lighter) over the past year or so, and I found that this treatment helped to enhance those highlights even further, leaving my hair looking so much brighter and more vibrant.

It’s a fantastic treatment for use in between salon visits, and also for those months when the budget is a bit tight and you simply can’t afford to go for your usual set of highlights. The best bit is that using this lightening treatment hasn’t damaged my hair or affected its overall condition in the slightest – and it really is so easy to use! You simply remove the clear cap, break off the tab to allow the contents of the two compartments to mix (you can’t see the two separate compartments in these photographs, but they are there), then apply to your hair, focusing on your roots. Leave on for five minutes, rinse well, then style as usual, and voila! Beautifully shiny, vibrant hair that looks as though you’ve spent the morning at the hair salon. Genius!

I’ll be posting some before and after pics of both these treatments over on my Instagram account over the next couple of weeks, so make sure that you’re following me (here) to see these products in action. Maybe I should do an Instagram live? Let me know what you think!