Thirsty, dry, winter skin? Mixa will sort that right out!

Thirsty, dry, winter skin? Mixa will sort that right out!

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Just a couple of weeks ago, while chatting to a friend, I mentioned that this winter has been pretty mild so far… and then, BAM! A serious case of chilly weather hit Jo’burg, and I found myself battling with all the usual suspects: itchy skin on my legs and upper arms, dry hands and feet, and chapped and flaky lips. Never a pretty sight, especially when you’re as fond of matte lipsticks as I am!

I also noticed that Beanie’s bright pink little cheeks had become rather dry, and I worried that his usual body cream wasn’t quite up to the job of nourishing thirsty winter skin. It was time to up the game, and switch to a richer, more nourishing lotion.

It was right around this time that I received a bunch of Mixa’s body lotions and their incredible Cica Repair Balm, so I set out to put this brand-new skincare range to the test.

Mixa is still quite new to the South African market, having launched a handful of their best-loved products in the country about two or three months ago – just in time for the cold, winter months. Known as the ‘Sensitive Skin Expert’, Mixa’s products are formulated using a selection of some of the finest hydrating and nourishing ingredients, such as Oat Milk, Coriander Oil, and Allantoin, to name just a few.

I’ve been picking and choosing from the three products I have on my bathroom shelf as the mood strikes, but I’ve stuck to using the Mixa Soothing Body Lotion with Oat Milk on Beanie’s delicate skin religiously every evening after his bath. This particular lotion is formulated specifically for use on more sensitive skin types, so I know that Beanie’s delicate, young skin is in good hands. It doesn’t contain any fragrances, colourants, alcohol, or parabens, so you know your (or your little one’s) skin is well cared-for. I also like that it sinks into skin quickly and easily, without leaving a sticky residue, but that it’s still incredibly rich and nourishing.

When it comes to my own skin, I’ve been switching between Mixa Restoring Body Lotion with Allantoin and Mixa Anti-Dryness Body Lotion with Coriander Oil, depending on my mood (or which bottle is closest!) Both are wonderful in their own ways, though I’ll admit that I’ve been loving the Anti-Dryness Body Lotion most (the empty bottle is proof of this!)

Despite this, if I had to pick just one Mixa product, it would have to be the incredible Mixa Cica Repair Balm, which has fast become our family’s winter essential. Whether you’re looking for something to apply to your little one’s red and raw cheeks, or you want something to sort out your dry hands and cuticles once and for all, this little wonder worker is for you. I’ve been smearing it onto Beanie’s face every morning and every evening, slathering it onto dry elbows and knees, and I’ve even started smothering my feet with it on a nightly basis. It’s also ideal for applying to the areas around your nose to help prevent those little cracks that tend to appear when you have a cold, and I find that it’s great for treating chapped lips, too.

Best of all? Mixa’s products are all really affordable to boot. My husband battles with dry patches and mild eczema from time to time, and I’m always shocked at just how expensive products designed specifically for sensitive skins can be – but not Mixa! You can expect to pay R45,95 for a small body lotion (250ml), while the bigger, 400ml pump bottles go for just under R60 a pop. The Cica Repair Balm is the most expensive product in the range (R80), but it’s definitely well worth it for this miracle in a tube!

If you’re considering getting your hands on one (or a few) of Mixa’s products, you’re in luck: the lovely team at Mixa South Africa have given me a discount code that allows my readers to get 20% off all Mixa products when you purchase them online over at Takealot. Simply use the code FORTHEBEAUTYOFIT20 at checkout, and you’ll get 20% off your goodies… what a deal!

I’m considering stocking up on another bottle or two of the Mixa Anti-Dryness Body Lotion, and I might just pop another Cica Repair Balm in my cart while I’m at it! Which Mixa product do you have your eye on?

PS: I’ve just noticed that all Mixa products are currently on sale over on Takealot, so you can get a 250ml body lotion for R33, while the Cica Repair Balm is going for R59. Go and get ‘em!