Makeup gets real, thanks to the Sorbet Makeup Collection

Makeup gets real, thanks to the Sorbet Makeup Collection

I’ve never been one to wear a lot of makeup – or even a full face of makeup on a good day. Most days, I’ll apply a little BB cream or some foundation (depending on the state of my skin), two coats of mascara, and a dab of lip balm. 

That said, I’ve found myself feeling inspired and experimenting with makeup a whole lot more in recent months. I’m not quite sure where this sudden addiction to makeup came from, but I’ve loved rediscovering some old favourites and stumbling upon a bunch of newbies these past few weeks. One of my favourite new discoveries? The exquisite makeup collection from Sorbet, one of SA’s best loved skincare – and now makeup – brands.

Like so many other beauty editors and bloggers, the Sorbet BB Cream has been a staple in my makeup kit ever since it launched, so it should come as no surprise that the first Sorbet makeup item I picked up was one of their foundations. With a choice of over 92 different foundations available in just about every skin tone (and in 4 different formulations), I felt a bit stumped at first – but Sorbet was already one step ahead. Sorbet offers a Foundation Match-Me service at Sorbet salons and in participating Clicks stores to help you find your perfect shade and formula. With thanks to the incredibly helpful consultant at my local Clicks store, I decided that the Sorbet Bare Faced Foundation in ‘Wheat’ (R260) was the perfect foundation fit for me. It boasts an oil-free formulation that’s ideal for my combination skin type, and it also contains a bunch of skin-loving ingredients (think vitamins A, C, and E) that offer loads of beauty benefits while offering medium coverage.

This foundation has earned it’s spot on the list of my top five foundations, and given how much I enjoyed using this product, I was eager to try some of the other products in the collection. As luck would have it, I received a press drop from Sorbet just a couple of weeks later, and I’ve been putting a selection of their products to the test ever since.

Given the fact that I’ve never really been big on experimenting with makeup, it’s a given that I haven’t tried my hand at contouring – up until now. I received the Sorbet Contour Me Contouring Blush Duo in ‘Nudist Peach’ (R190) and couldn’t wait to play around with it. The two complimentary shades (one matte bronzer and one highlighter shade) take the guesswork out of contouring, and I love that the highlighter isn’t overly shimmery. I can see how an illuminating highlighter could be appealing to some – and for certain occasions – but I like something a little less eye-catching for every day wear, and this one is perfection.

If you’re all about the shimmer, you’ll love the Sorbet Shimmer & Glow Shimmer Bronzer in ‘Just Peachy’ (R200), which is a spot-on dupe for the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick – at a fraction of the price. When I’m craving a little drama (or am headed out for date night), I swipe my blush brush across all five shimmery shades, then apply to the tops of my cheekbones. (You can also pick out the shades individually using your eyeshadow brush, before applying to your lids or brow bones). I often wear this on its own over the top of some BB cream, dabbing product where the sun would naturally hit your face (the tops of my cheekbones, the tip of my nose, and on my chin) for a naturally sun-kissed glow.

Prefer a liquid highlighter? No problem! Pop the Sorbet Glow & Tell Liquid Highlighter (R150), in your basket next time you’re at Clicks. This super-versatile product can be used on it’s own, applied to the tops of your cheekbones, or mixed in with your moisturiser or foundation for a healthy, dewy glow. Sorbet describes this as a ‘golden glow award winner‘, which hits the nail right on the head – it really is one of the better highlighters I’ve ever used, and it’s become one of my daily essentials for a beautifully fresh look.

Although I haven’t tried any of Sorbet’s eye shadows (yet), I’m a BIG fan of their range of mascaras. There are four different mascaras to choose from, but I’ve been putting the Sorbet Loud Lashes Volume Mascara (R150) and the Sorbet Lash Cheat Super Volume + Length Mascara (R160) to the test. I initially thought that I’d report back with my favourite of the two, but it’s impossible to choose between them – they are both lovely, and offer two totally different lash looks.

The Sorbet Loud Lashes Volume Mascara promises exceptionally thick, lush lashes – with absolutely no clumps. It boasts a curved wand that ensures that even the most hard-to-reach lashes (including those teeny-tiny lashes at the inner corner of your eyes) are evenly coated, and the formulation contains nylon for extra thickness. I’ve been reaching for this every morning for the past couple of months, but I grab the Sorbet Lash Cheat Super Volume + Length Mascara when I’m after some extra drama.

Sorbet Lash Cheat Super Volume + Length Mascara is so much more than just a mascara – it contains lash-building additives, as well as Panthenol and vitamin E to condition your lashes and prevent breakage, while Argan Oil helps to keep them moisturised. As if that’s not enough, it boasts fibre technology to lengthen your lashes and carbon black pigments for an intense, jet black look. I love that it’s a buildable mascara – the more coats you apply, the longer (and thicker) your lashes appear… and all without clumping. It really is a goodie!

Sorbet also had a bunch of lovely lippies to choose from, in just about every shade and finish imaginable. From glistening glosses in 8 pretty hues to a selection of 12 luxurious matte shades, there’s one to suit your every mood. I received the Sorbet Matte Kisses Lipstick in ‘Love’ (R150), and the shade name pretty much sums up my feelings about this lippie. Although it offers a demi-matte finish, it doesn’t feel remotely dry on the lips, and I love that it stays put for hours on end – lasting well past my morning coffee break and lunch! This shade is also really pretty, and looks equally fabulous when paired with shimmery bronze makeup shades or a smoky eye.

I’ve since added a few more Sorbet makeup items to my collection – that’s how much I’ve enjoyed using the products. They’re really great quality, and there are some great dupes for cult beauty products here – the Sorbet Shimmer & Glow Shimmer Bronzer being one of them, along with the Sorbet You’re Covered Cream Concealer Kit (R180), which looks like a (way more) budget-friendly dupe of Bobbi Brown’s iconic Creamy Concealer Kit. Sorbet’s products are so much easier on the pocket than some high-end brands, and I find that they offer some of the best finishes and formulations on the market to boot. They’re definitely worth checking out, if you haven’t done so already… and if you have, which are your faves?

Find them at your nearest Sorbet salon or Clicks store nationwide. 

** This post was kindly sponsored by Sorbet