Five things I’m loving right now

Five things I’m loving right now

01. White pedicures. I happened upon this look (if you’d even call it that) at a launch a few months ago. The brand had organised for us to have a quick pedi done during the launch, so that we could see and feel how the products really work. All the nail colours that I’d usually go for (deep, almost-black berries, classic reds, or understated nudes) were otherwise occupied, so I was left with a choice between a bright bubblegum pink, a sunshiny yellow (gorgeous, but it doesn’t work with my skin tone) a variety of blues and greens, and white. I went with white, as it was the closest to a nude shade on offer… and I wasn’t expecting to love it as much as I did! I recently went for a Trugel pedicure at Life Day Spa in Century City, and I went with a white polish for my toes for the third time in a row! I chose Trugel Gel Polish in ‘Marshmallow’, and I feel happy every time I look down at my feet! (I particularly love a white pedi for the summer months… it looks fabulous with a bit of a tan!) A Trugel pedicure costs R290 at Life Day Spa, Century City. Call 021 525 3883 to book. 

02. The vegan peanut butter tart from All Things Good in Stellenbosch. I’ve raved about this tart (and All Things Good’s amazing bagels) before, but I simply can’t stop thinking about it so I figured that warrants another mention. It’s not as peanut-ty as you’d expect, and also isn’t overly rich… just pure, nutty caramel goodness (that happens to be 100% kind to boot!) What’s not to love?

03. The new essence #InstaPerfect Liquid Makeup. I was fortunate enough to crack an invite to essence’s fabulous event last week, and I was introduced to this beauty whilst there. I had my foundation matched to my skin tone, and fell head over heels for this little guy in the process. I love that it gives my skin a matte finish without looking dry or cakey. It also offers buildable coverage, which means that you can add more product to areas that need it most, ensuring a smooth, flawless complexion… no filter needed! I’m a big fan, and at just R99,95, you can bet that this is going to become a staple in my beauty kit! You can purchase this online, here

04. All things Poetry. Which is nothing new, really. I also recently attended the Poetry SS19 showcase, and left feeling so inspired… their home decor bits and bobs are always on point (as is their selection of coffee table books), and I am lusting after a pair of these beautiful sunnies.

05. The current state of my skin. I’ve really been investing in my skin and looking after it as best as I can in recent months, and it’s all starting to pay off. Sure, I’m still plagued by the occasional hormonal breakout and my pigmentation isn’t 100% gone, but it’s way less noticeable – thanks to really good skincare and my Biomedical Emporium treatments (more info coming soon). I’ve also been exfoliating and masking on a regular basis, and I’ve been using really quality products. My cleanser, exfoliator, and facial oil are all natural picks from Lulu & Marula, and I’ve been using Skinceutical’s Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight on a nightly basis while ensuring that I wear sunscreen every single day.

Lulu & Marula’s Nourishing Mask and Polish has been an absolute life-saver during the switch from Winter to Spring – it gently sloughs away dead skin cells for a visibly brighter and more radiant complexion. I’ve found that the Cleansing Balm is a real treat for breakout-prone skin like mine – it removes every last trace of excess sebum, makeup, and grime, leaving it clean and comfortable… no tight sensation, and no stripping of vital oils! In fact, I’ve found that incorporating oils into my skincare routine has been the single best thing I’ve done for my oily skin. You can purchase Lulu & Marula’s incredible skincare products online, here

And that’s a wrap on the five things I’m loving right now… let me know what you thought of this post and if you’d like to see more like it in future. I’m thinking about making it a regular feature – maybe once a week, or once every two weeks? Let me know what you think!