We’re moving to the countryside in exactly 10 sleeps!

We’re moving to the countryside in exactly 10 sleeps!

After years spent dreaming of packing up ship and moving to Greyton, we’ve finally done it… we’ve taken the plunge, signed a lease on a beautiful little English-style cottage, and we’re moving next weekend!


This news has come as a bit of a shock to our friends and some family members, especially given the fact that we’ve only just moved back to Somerset West after spending a year in Johannesburg. I mean, Johannesburg and Greyton are worlds apart – even I’m still reeling from the shock!

Truth be told, we’ve considered moving to Greyton several times in the past, but the timing was never quite right. The idea first came up when we visited Greyton for the first time in 2011, and then again shortly after Beanie was born in 2013. I occasionally check up on property rentals in the area, just in case I stumble upon a gem… and that’s exactly how we managed to find ourselves here, packing up our belongings yet again (well, the majority is still packed up from our last move if I’m honest!) and days away from another house move.

While scouring the ‘net for rental properties here in Somerset West late one night, I found myself typing ‘Greyton’ into the search bar… and there it was. The perfect two bedroom cottage, with a beautiful garden, a fireplace, and one of those exquisite Victorian claw baths – literally the house of my dreams! Within a matter of minutes The Husband and I had gotten ourselves so worked up and a new plan was hatched: we’d move to Greyton and see whether country living was the life for us. We’ve already uprooted our little family several times and packing up house has become second nature to us, so what’s another little move in the grander scheme of things, right? Right?!

I know that adjusting to country living is going to take some time, and I’ve already started preparing myself mentally… but I’m also really, really excited about this move. We used to live in Noordhoek and it honestly felt as though we were living the dream. I always said that I would never leave Noordhoek, unless it was to move to Greyton… but life happened and we found ourselves in Somerset West for four years (which I loved), and then Jo’burg (which was one of the most difficult years of my life… not so much Jo’burg’s fault, but everything that happened tainted the city for me). Moving to Greyton feels a bit like coming full circle, and I’m excited for this new chapter and all it holds in store for us.

We’ve decided to give it a proper go for a year; if we find that it’s not quite what we had in mind (or that it’s simply too sleepy for us), we’ll move again. That’s the beauty of life, isn’t it? Constant change and new adventures are a given, and thankfully both The Husband and I have jobs that allow us this freedom.

So here’s to walking Beanie 100 meters down the road to school every morning, growing my own veggies and making my own soap (oh, you’d better believe it’s happening!), and looking out onto this view from my desk while typing up blog posts…

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