INSPO | 7 living rooms I’m absolutely besotted with

INSPO | 7 living rooms I’m absolutely besotted with
We’ve been in our new house for three full days now, and the unpacking is going… veeeery slowly, to put it mildly. Instead of getting stuck into the many boxes I still need to unpack, I’ve been adjusting to country living. A little too well, if I’m honest!

After a crazy weekend of packing and moving, followed by a deadline on Monday, I allowed myself to have a slow morning yesterday, and spent the afternoon at a coffee shop catching up on work. Today was spent in much the same way. I plan on unpacking at least two boxes this evening, and really need to get stuck in and make some solid progress tomorrow so that we’re a little more settled by the time the weekend rolls around.

We still have the majority of our furniture in storage in Jo’burg, and we anticipate that the movers will arrive towards the middle of this month. We donated our old, manky couches before we made the move to Jozi and we’re yet to replace them, so that’s high on the list of priorities for this month.

We’ve popped into a few furniture stores over the past few weeks, but I’m really struggling to commit to a couch… so I did what anyone would do and turned to Pinterest, of course! I managed to lose a good couple of hours in the process (as one does), but left with plenty of inspiration for our living room. I thought I’d share some of my favourite looks, in case you’re in the same boat and also moving – or simply in the mood for some inspiration!

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