Have you heard of City Girl Beauty?

Have you heard of City Girl Beauty?

A little while ago, I received the most beautiful parcel from my friend and fellow blogger, Jessica of Just A City Girl. Little did I know that this talented woman isn’t only an incredibly hard-working blogger, but she’s also a business owner and founder of City Girl Beauty, a range of the most exquisite body scrubs, facial oils, body lotions, lippies, and more! 

Now it’s no secret that I’m a huge lover of all things local, so this parcel was right up my alley… just take a look at my box’s gorgeous contents! It’s on days like these, when I’m surprised with truly beautiful press deliveries, that I simply have to pinch myself – how is this my job?

The first thing I noticed when I opened up my parcel was the attention to detail – the products were beautifully wrapped up and tucked into the box with pink tissue paper, and you could just tell that so much thought had gone into the packaging of not only the products, but the actual box, too. I’m completely smitten with Jessica’s gorgeous branding – the little illustration on her business card (above) looks just like her! As for the products? If beautiful illustrations, clever copy, and high quality products that truly deliver give you a little thrill (as they do me), you’ll love City Girl Beauty!

The body scrubs immediately grabbed my attention, and I knew that this was going to be one of those parcels (ie. I couldn’t WAIT to try the products, so had to take photos asap!) I grabbed my camera, snapped a few shots, and got into the shower as quickly as humanely possible… I simply couldn’t wait to give my body a good scrub with these beauties! I started with Don’t Be Bitter Baby Sugar Body Scrub (R110), which is infused with pomegranate and grapefruit oils and smells like an absolute dream! It isn’t overly sweet, and left my skin feeling beautifully soft, smooth, and supple.

The City Girl Beauty Quince Me Now Sugar Body Scrub (also R110) contains a mix of quince and soya milk, which is incredibly nourishing and soft on your skin. I honestly couldn’t pick a favourite, and find that I choose which one to use based on the time of day or my mood: mornings usually call for the pomegranate and grapefruit variant, while Quince Me Now is great for soothing the senses after a hard day!

No scrub is complete without a hearty dose of moisture, and I found just that in City Girl Beauty’s All You’ve Avo Wanted Multipurpose Avocado Face & Body Lotion (R60). I am completely obsessed with this multipurpose lotion, and can often be found slathering it all over my face and body. It’s been particularly soothing on my skin since spending so much time outdoors after our recent move to Greyton, and I’m actually due for a new tub – but they’re all sold out! (Not surprising, really!)

I love that it’s deeply nourishing and hydrating, and gentle enough to use on my face at the same time. My thirsty skin absolutely loves this lotion (and I adore the gorgeous, subtle scent!)

If you’re looking for something specifically for your face, don’t panic – City Girl Beauty’s got your back! With three incredible facial serums to choose from (and at just R100 each), you’ll be hard-pressed to choose which one to go for… I say pick all three! Barely a night goes by without my trusty Beauty Sleep Serum (R100) by my side. After cleansing and toning my skin, then following up with my usual serum and moisturiser, I always finish with a couple of drops of this hydrating, brightening facial oil that I press into my skin using my palms. (When I’m up for it, I’ll put some extra time and effort into it and use my magical rose quartz roller to give myself a little pre-bed facial massage).

In the mornings, I follow the same routine: cleanse, tone, serum, and moisturise (using a product with SPF50), followed with two or three drops of City Girl Beauty’s Keep Glowing Serum (R100). On good skin days, this is all I need, but when I feel that I need a little extra help, I’ll mix a drop or two of this serum with my foundation for a healthy, dewy look. Best of all? A bottle of these facial serums will last you forever… I’ve had mine since June (I think?), and I’ve still got at least half left in each bottle.

I also received a couple of liquid lippies to try, and I was so impressed! I wasn’t expecting these to be as moisturising and long-lasting as they are, and the shade options are absolutely gorgeous! I received City Girl Beauty Matte Liquid Lipstick in Miami (R100), a beautifully vibrant hue that’s just perfect for the summer months, and City Girl Beauty Matte Liquid Lipstick in Rome (R100), a flattering nude that’s equally great for day or night. Both go on smoothly and evenly, and when I say that they stay put, boy! Do they stay put! Not even makeup wipes could get rid of Miami in its entirety – you’ll need to bring out the big guns in terms of makeup remover to get this one to budge! (I don’t mind this – I’d rather know that my lippie isn’t going anywhere!) Despite the fact that these liquid lipsticks boast a matte formulation, I’m pleased to report that they didn’t leave my lips feeling dry or cakey. They felt really comfy on my lips, which is a rarity when it comes to matte lipsticks – especially when they fall under these price points!

City Girl Beauty has launched a bunch of fabulous goodies since I received this parcel, so if you haven’t had a chance to browse the website, go have a quick look here. I’m personally itching to try the Aloeha Facial Scrub (R90), and the Rose-Marry Me and Chocolate Sundae Face Masks (R100 each) have my name written all over them! And as if beauty products aren’t enough, Jessica’s also launched a range of stunning, affordable accessories – check them out, here.

I’m really so impressed with City Girl Beauty’s range of cruelty-free, local beauty products and accessories, and so inspired by Jessica herself. There’ve been so many times that I’ve come up with grand plans to make earrings or concoct my own beauty products, but these little dreams are all fleeting as I tell myself that it’s ‘too hard‘ or that ‘I’m not good enough‘.

Without even knowing it, Jessica has made me rethink everything I once thought possible and she’s inspired me to be more creative and to actually make my dreams happen, so a big thank you to her for that! Not only is my skin looking (and feeling) one hundred times softer and smoother thanks to City Girl Beauty, but you’ve also left me feeling more inspired! 

Have you tried any of City Girl Beauty’s products yet? Let me know your wish list (or your recommendations!) below…