It’s not too late to make a positive impact this festive season!

It’s not too late to make a positive impact this festive season!

Those who know me well, know that my two cats and our pooch are my babies.

They are literally like my own children (even Beanie tells people that he has two sisters and a brother when they ask about his siblings. You can imagine their shocked expressions when they find out that they’re of the furry kind!)

I’ve always been an animal lover, often bringing rescues home (much to the horror of my parents, and now, The Husband). For as long as I can remember, I’ve yearned to do something – anything – to help animals of all kinds. My move to a vegan lifestyle and attempts to stick to cruelty-free beauty products are just small adjustments I’ve made to try and make a difference, but I also recently started volunteering at the Animal Welfare Society here in Greyton.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen photographs of our foster cat, Daisy (pics below), who’s been living with her incredibly loving forever family for about a month now. I loved being able to help a cat in need and to assist in finding her a loving home – but let me tell you: fostering was not as easy as I initially thought! (That said, I’d totally do it all over again!)

When Hill’s Pet Nutrition reached out to me to share news of the Pay-For-A-Spay campaign, I jumped at the chance. It’s an act of kindness that anyone can do that will have a massive, long-lasting impact – and it’s as simple as paying for a spay!

“Spaying and neutering is a relatively quick surgical procedure, with a long-lasting impact on animal welfare and overpopulation,” says Bianca Bresler, General Manager at TEARS Animal Rescue.

In their research, TEARS has found that spaying one cat can prevent up to 370 000 cats from being born in seven years and one dog sterilisation prevents the birth of up to 67 000 dogs in six years.

Having spent time at the Greyton Animal Welfare, I’ve been privy to the extreme need of these beautiful animals who have been overlooked, and it’s absolutely overwhelming and utterly heartbreaking at the same time. I’ve been along to one of their spay days to help get the cats and dogs ready for their procedures and to assist when they come round afterwards, and it is HARD! We won’t even go into the funds required to make these spay days happen, but there’s no denying that the impact of these spay days is massive. And this is where YOU come in. Even if you can’t adopt an animal or foster one, you can make a long-lasting difference – and it needn’t break the bank.

“The extreme need associated with animal welfare is often overwhelming, but by securing sponsorship for even one sterilisation, at a cost of just R350, we’re able to make an immediate impact and alleviate the negative effects of pet overpopulation,” says Dr. Patti Foster TEARS Animal Rescue Chief Veterinary Surgeon.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition is one of the supporters who makes campaigns like these possible, and through their biggest donation to date – over R1 million to TEARS – Hill’s is now encouraging businesses and pet parents nationwide to get into the spirit of giving this holiday season and help Pay-For-A-Spay at local animal shelters.

“We’re incredibly proud to be keeping tummies full and bodies in tip top shape at TEARS Animal Rescue. Our recent donation equates to 82 000 meals and frees up funds to sterilise close to 2500 pets,” says Carla Bath, Hill’s Marketing Manager.

“The biggest challenge to sustaining the medical support we provide (and free sterilisation services) remains funding,” says TEARS Co-Founder and Director, Marilyn Hoole.

But now YOU can help and share in the gift of giving this festive season… simply by donating towards this wonderful campaign. Click here to donate to the Pay-For-A-Spay campaign and to assist the incredible work that TEARS is doing. Just R350 will cover the cost of a sterilisation and bring an end to pet overpopulation one step closer.

** A big thank you to Hill’s Pet Nutrition for sponsoring this post!