Protect your skin AND the ocean with Avène sun care

Protect your skin AND the ocean with Avène sun care

*This post is sponsored by Avène

We all know how important it is to protect our skin against the sun’s harmful UV rays, but have you ever stopped to think about what ingredients your sunscreen contains, and how this might impact the environment?

I’ll confess that I’ve never given this much thought, but as it turns out, many of the ingredients found in sunscreens (like silicone and certain sun filters) aren’t biodegradable and are digested by marine animals, which can have a devastating effect on the marine environment.

This is where Eau Thermale Avène’s Skin Protect, Ocean Respect project comes in. Eau Thermale Avène is dedicated to offering a range of sun care products that offer optimal sun protection suitable for even the most sensitive skins, while minimising environmental impact.

So exactly how does Eau Thermale Avène minimise impact on the marine environment?

  • Avène’s sunscreens contain a reduced number and concentration of sun filters, which not only ensures optimal skin tolerance, but also has a reduced impact on marine life.
  • Their products contain no water-soluble sun filters, which are typically more easily assimilated by marine organisms.
  • Avène sun care boasts improved formula biodegradability, and their products are also silicone-free (silicone is not readily biodegradable).
  • Avène’s sun care products are free of controversial filters like octocrylene, octinoxate(cinnamate), oxybenzone and homosalate.

As a beauty editor, I’ve attended numerous product launches and sun care presentations that have highlighted the dangers of sun exposure for the skin, so I’ve always been fanatical about wearing sunscreen and ensuring that Bean’s delicate, young skin is protected as well. Just after he was born, I spent several long nights researching the best sunscreens for use on babies, and eventually settled on Avène – and their sun care products have remained a family favourite ever since.

As mentioned above, Avène’s sunscreens contain a minimal number and concentration of sun filters, which means that they’re safe to use on even the most sensitive skin types. Avène has taken things one step further with their latest renovation of Eau Thermale Avène SPF50+ Spray for Children and the introduction of their new anti-aggression barrier texture, which provides extra protection against other aggressions – think sand, chlorine, and sea salt.

What I love most about this sunscreen (and I suspect Bean loves it even more than I do, since he’s the one wearing it), is the fact that it goes on really smoothly and easily, with no visible white residue left on the skin. The oil-in-water emulsion means that it’s really easy to apply, but upon contact with your littlie’s skin, it turns into a water-in-oil emulsion to create a long-lasting, protective film. I also really like the new open-stop nozzle, which is very user-friendly, prevents leaks and spills, and is also more eco-friendly (less chance of losing plastic caps!)

Have you tried any of Avène’s sun care products before? Which are your favourites? If you haven’t had a chance to try the range for yourself, now is the perfect time, since Avène has partnered with White Pearl Resorts and is donating R10 from every product sold in November – December 2019 to turtle conservation initiatives along the Southern African coast.

Eau Thermale Avène products are available at Clicks, Dis-Chem, Dermastore, and selected independent pharmacies.