The first pregnancy skincare product I added to my routine: Dermastine Jeune Maman

Dermastine Jeune Maman review

Being pregnant with twins means that my baby bump made its appearance very early on (I already had a bit of a bump at around the 9-week mark), and it’s expanded at rapid rate. Given my many years working as a beauty writer and editor – not to mention the fact that this is my second pregnancy – I already knew that I needed to get my hands on a stretchmark cream stat.

Stretchmarks are very common during pregnancy, thanks to rapid weight gain that causes collagen and elastin (the fibres responsible for keeping your skin toned and taut) to stretch, leaving visible pinkish streaks on your stomach, breasts, thighs, and hips. They typically show up during the third trimester, and it’s vital that you treat them once they’re still fresh.

I’m a big believer that prevention is better than cure, so I started using Dermastine Jeune Maman very early on, while still in my first trimester. I find that it’s also a great way to bond with my babies, while indulging in a little self-care at the same time.

I was immediately drawn to Dermastine Jeune Maman based on the fact that Dermastine’s range of products is often recommended by doctors and dermatologists to help treat scarring after surgery – proof in my mind of the brand’s efficacy and success. All Dermastine’s formulations contain an emulsion that nourishes and helps to rebuild your skin’s elasticity, while stimulating collagen and elastin production at the same time. Dermastine Jeune Maman in particular was specially formulated for use during pregnancy, and it’s enriched with pure natural elastin and Vitamin E to preserve your skin’s natural fibres.

I started using Dermastine Jeune Maman every morning and evening at around the 12-week mark, which means that I’ve had over eight weeks to put this product through its paces – and I’m happy to report that I’m sold! I love the lightweight formulation that’s instantly absorbed into the skin, so there’s no need to hang around waiting for it to sink in before getting dressed in the mornings.

Something else I really appreciate? The lovely, subtle scent that isn’t overpowering in the slightest – very important when you’re catering to pregnant women, especially for those during the earlier stages of pregnancy who may be battling with nausea. (You have no idea how many creams and lotions I couldn’t bear using during my first trimester, simply because the scent made me feel ill!) I also like the new packaging and the fact that it comes in a chic, minimalistic pump bottle – it looks great on my bathroom shelf, and the pump packaging means that the ingredients are properly preserved.

I’m a huge fan of this gorgeous lotion, and you can bet that I’ll continue using it throughout my pregnancy. I’ve already got quite the baby bump on show, with not a single stretchmark in sight… I’ll keep you posted as I go! Dermastine Jeune Maman retails at approximately R420, and you can find it at your nearest Dis-Chem Pharmacy or online, here.

*This blog post is sponsored by Dermastine, but all thoughts and opinions remain my own. I would never endorse or promote a product that I didn’t truly believe in.